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As the dominant player in the global biotech industry, Roche's innovation is driven by the urge to develop cutting-edge health solutions, stemming from the unmet needs of patients.

This is Roche's Innovation Journey.​

healthcare ecosystems

With innovation initiatives such as the Caring Program, the Entrepreneurship Program, and the global Movement Health 2030, Roche is on a mission to make healthcare ecosystems across the world more sustainable and accessible.

Roche x Board of Innovation projects


A global mission and collaborative platform aimed at solving major health challenges, through local and global partnerships.


Accelerating the innovation process with a shared knowledge platform and a solid innovation framework, aimed at solving the unmet patient needs.


Harnessing the innovation appetite and transforming it to viable business cases through several 3-month capability programs.

innovation journey

Get inspired by Roche’s innovation journey and the approach the company is taking to innovating in the healthcare and life sciences space. Use this journey, the stages and the tools to drive your current and future healthcare innovation programs.

Stages of innovation
at Roche


In the scoping phase, focus is on identifying areas of opportunity or themes. You start by defining the right team to tackle challenges based on relevant expertise.

Outcome: definition of challenges based on research and strategic priorities, and a team ready for kick-off.

3. Business model definition

In the business model definition phase, focus is on ideating potential business models and exploring and estimating revenue streams. These business models should run through validation experiments.

Outcome: tested business model prototypes, high-level estimate of impact, and validated learnings around the business model and stakeholders.

5. Build / Test / Learn

In the building/testing/learning stage, focus is on building an MVP of the product/service for launch, execute tests to evaluate performance, incorporate key learnings and iterate.

Outcome: project the business viability of the idea, an estimate of the value the solution will generate, and a defined MVP of product/service before launch.

6. Launch

At launch stage, the focus is on understanding different internal/external development options for solutions and assessing the investment possibilities. You will identify priorities, resources, and KPI’s.

Outcome: a detailed program and marketing plan for release with defined roles, accountabilities, timeline and milestones. In some cases, here is where you will have the defined partnership model with third parties.

Grow & Scale

When it comes to growing and scaling your idea, focus is on understanding strategies for customer acquisition and retention, and planning scaling rollout. Implement agile methodologies to your scaling roadmap, and define detailed actions and project features.

Outcome: understanding different growth factors and how to apply them, and setting up marketing tactics to sustain growth of your product of service.

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