Ecosystem mapping

By mapping ecosystems, you can uncover key stakeholders, and where value is created.

What is this for?

By mapping ecosystems, you can uncover key stakeholders, and where value is created. Then, you can create a strategy to improve upon gaps and opportunities within your current business ecosystem.

  • Identify and map the players involved in making a solution a reality, so that hypothesis can be tested with the relevant stakeholders
  • Understand the relationships each player has with each other to trigger disruption and innovation in the relevant market scenario



Don’t see this as the final and absolute version of your ecosystem. Understand it as a way to raise questions around the unknowns your solution will need to answer to once your investigation begins.

Try adding or removing pieces of this puzzle – this is where innovation could happen (cut a middle man, add a new relationship, etc).

  • Identify the most important players in your ecosystem

  • Figure out how they influence each other in the current scenario

  • Place your solution and the customer at the center to understand how value flows through the system until it gets to the end-user

  • Challenge your own model and see if you can shuffle things around without it affecting the end result (providing a solution to the end-user)

  • Get experts to look at your model and ask you questions

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An online tool

We have also developed this as an online tool in Miro, that you can copy and use interactively.

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Ecosystem mapping

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