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Build innovation & growth strategies that leverage your key strengths

Actionable innovation strategies

We'll help you navigate fundamental shifts and find opportunities for growth using your organization's assets and core strengths.
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Make products & services your customers love

New products & services

Through intensive user research, we'll help you truly understand what your customers need and develop the right solutions - all supported by a profitable business model.
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Build an innovation culture & train intrapreneurs

Capability building

We'll equip your teams with the skills they need to thrive in turbulent times, not panic.
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Actionable innovation strategies

We’ll help you navigate fundamental shifts and find opportunities for growth using your organization’s assets and core strengths.

New products & services

Through intensive user research, we’ll help you truly understand what your customers need and develop the right solutions – all supported by a profitable business model. 

De-risked new businesses

We’ll validate your go-to-market approaches and venture initiatives to maximize return on investment in highly uncertain contexts.

Capability building

We’ll equip your teams with the skills they need to thrive in turbulent times, not panic.

Expertise in your industry

We help some of the largest healthcare and life sciences organizations in the world uncover opportunities for growth and get products to market faster. This can involve co-creating with stakeholders in a compliant manner to achieve launch excellence, leveraging data to innovate towards the quadruple-aim, connecting them with patients and customers, and developing value-based healthcare business models. Learn more about our healthcare and life science programs

We help our clients in the professional services industry drive efficiency and unlock new opportunities through automation. This can involve redesigning the organization to maximize profits, developing a flexible governance framework to innovate regionally in a way that contributes to the global business strategy, and designing a structure-fit to deliver the integrated offerings your clients demand.

Without an ecosystem strategy that leverages your core competencies to diversify and open up opportunities, you risk becoming a utility player. We help our telecom partners develop the action plans they need to succeed. That can mean redesigning their organizations to match their customer journeys and finding ways to get new products and services to market at startup speed.

We help clients co-create across supply chains to implement the right technologies, unlock savings, and find new opportunities. Get in touch to find out how we helped logistics and maritime organizations overcome challenges like yours.

Due to the rise in e-commerce, global focus on sustainability and the change in customer behavior, the Paper and Packaging industry is transforming itself. We help paper & packaging organizations to enter in new markets and improve the supply chain or set-up corporate partnerships to drive growth.

The automotive industry is seeing a radical shift in consumer behavior, and huge advancements in technology which will affect not only sales at organizations, but also in related sectors such as manufacturing and production.There are several significant emerging trends that will affect this industry in the coming years: Electric vehicles, Shared transportation, Autonomous mobility, Connected vehicles, 3D manufacturing,…Whether you’re working in the business of automobile manufacturing, public transportation, or aviation, we can help you to anticipate these trends and build growth strategies.

Smart-cities, additive manufacturing, sustainability. These are just a few of the driving forces transforming the construction & building materials industry. The go-to-market of building materials and construction services is radically different from several years ago since customer demands are shifting, and new direct to consumer channels are taking over the market. We support organizations to respond to this by creating, validating, and launching new and existing solutions together with you.

Consumer buying behavior is changing radically especially in the current climate. We help organizations to analyze insights beyond the current media stream and create product and service concepts that meet changing consumer demands. Through behavior design and consumer validation we build non-obvious go-to-market strategies for any new CPG product, service or retail solution.

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We help our clients uncover new opportunities, find the right partners, and leverage the latest technologies. Whether that means modernizing complex legacy systems or implementing sustainable practices, radical transparency, and automation.

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We help our nonprofit & public sector clients stay relevant in the age of microlending and direct donations. This can mean boosting efficiency by aligning on purpose, customer centricity, and ways of working. We also set KPIs for investments to ensure they deliver measurable value and assist in leveraging disrupting trends: technology, localized delivery, and public scrutiny.

Looking to balance your investment portfolio and incentivize your talent ecosystem to achieve short- and long-term innovation and organizational change goals? Want to match the right emerging technology to your challenges in the field, and fund the right innovation bets? We help our clients in natural resources boost efficiency through cross-sector technology adoption, develop innovation ecosystems for sustainability, and find opportunities for growth. 

We aid clients in building direct-to-consumer businesses by shortening their go-to-market chain – while keeping their distributors happy. We uncover the right business models for distributed manufacturing, capitalize on the latest technologies to unlock new opportunities, create sustainability partnerships, and develop customer-centric value chains. 

The drive towards increased performance and sustainability pushes the agriculture and chemical industry to come up with new solutions. New technologies and data sources allow us to make better and more accurate decisions. We help organizations to build strategies and launch new initiatives within this new context.

The Travel & Tourism industry is turned upside-down. What is the role of travel & tourism in a ‘low-touch economy’? How can we support brands to build the best customer experience for a new generation of customers & keep loyal customers close. We support organizations in the travel industry to reinvent themselves & prepare for growth.

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Digital innovation strategy for Roche

We developed a digital health strategy and identified multiple growth opportunities based on changing patient needs and the rise of new technologies.

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A journey from sticky notes to rapid prototyping, to real-world innovation.

Launching 2 new ventures with ING

Discover how we built 2 new ventures with ING during a changing banking climate.

Revolutionizing baggage handling at airports with Vanderlande

Corporate startup coaching, from ideation to RedDot Design Award: Board of Innovation for Vanderlande.

Free tools and guides

Innovation A to Z

A complete overview of the innovation funnel, with tips & tricks, tools and related methodologies. Everything you need to launch new products or services, or to re-design and improve existing ones. From blank page to development.

Health business model examples

Business model innovation gives you a competitive advantage. Download this guide and learn from the business models of these promising digital health ventures!

Innovation strategy examples

We've used our innovation matrix tool to develop simple innovation strategy examples based on the activities run by Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, and Google.

Business model kit

Invented by Board of Innovation, this tool has helped thousands of corporate inventors, students and entrepreneurs to design successful business models.

Brainstorm cards

Our corporate ideation game, with 52 triggers to generate new business ideas.

Innovation matrix

A complete overview of innovation programs: you define the benefits you expect from your innovation strategy, the innovation matrix will show you the most suitable program to activate.

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