We make corporates innovate like startups

Innovation Consulting

Our team helps to upgrade your innovation roadmap and strategic initiatives. We love to get our hands dirty by working together on new products & services ideas.

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Training Programs

We make people more entrepreneurial and ready for the challenges of the future. We introduce innovation habits within large organizations by providing tailored training sessions and workshops.

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Free tools & resources

You can’t invent the future with the tools from the past. That’s why we constantly tweak innovation methods to make them useful in the evolving context of large organizations.

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Browse our innovation library with Free Tools & Resources

We try to avoid corporate theater at all cost (read: writing 100-page business plans & bloated financial sheets). We go for a hands-on approach based on the philosophy behind the Lean Startup. Fail fast, learn, iterate!

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Inject innovation culture

We love to pull people out of their comfort zone!

    Century old industrial companies can learn a lot from fast moving startups. Our team of business designers keeps a close eye on the different startup hubs worldwide. We monitor the best practices used by entrepreneurs to apply the same tools and mindset in the complexity of large corporates.

    Business Model Innovation

    Compare your own business model with innovative players and learn lots of new tools.

    • Business model tools
    • Impact disruptive innovation
    • Revenue models & pricing tactics

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    Lean startup

    Intrapreneurship tools & inspiration to make in-company entrepreneurs more effective in their (new) challenge!

    • Startup vs Corporate world
    • Prototyping techniques
    • Assumption testing

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    WE = Design Thinkers

    A user-driven innovation approach, perfect for companies that want to discover hidden opportunities in a specific market segment.

    • Strategic impact of Design
    • Customer journey
    • Observe user behaviour

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