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Real stories of AI innovation and business transformation

Discover how we help clients innovate, grow and transform for the autonomous age

Leading CPG company

Working with a leading CPG company on transforming Innovation and building towards an Autonomous Growth Engine

Major global fashion retailer

Working with a major global retailer to reimagine how clothing is made, bought and sold in an AI-native way 

Johnson & Johnson

Teaming up with Johnson & Johnson to facilitate access to HIV treatments in Myanmar through a human-centered approach


Creating two blockchain ventures with ING focused on making global commodity trade faster, safer and cost efficient


Developing Nespresso’s future brew with a unified, consumer-centric innovation strategy and product pipeline


Expanding Loop’s product portfolio to build a quieter world


Redefining the power paradigm and navigating the PtX market with Worley


Partnering with Nestlé to bring 15+ new food and beverage products into market


Scaling remanufacturing with Vanderlande to make logistics more reliable, cost-effective and carbon-neutral


Defining the future of grooming alongside Philips with 1 product for 27 million people


Driving sustainable competitive advantage with Thinx menstruation and incontinence solutions, co-created with consumers and experts


Imagining the future of circular construction and retrofitting, powered by AI

Movement Health

Building a foundation that identifies and tackles systemic regional healthcare challenges supported by Roche, Microsoft and Siemens Healthineers

Tata Consumer Products

Running AI-powered Sprints with Tata Consumer Products to fuel food and beverage innovation


How our collaboration with Ferring improved access to fertility services


Supporting green transition in construction sites with data-driven refueling and emission reporting services

Global leader in food and agriculture

Fast-tracking the foundation for venture building in APAC


Designing and validating digital interventions with Merck to enhance patient adherence and drug differentiation


Boosting Gen Z engagement for Levi’s digital Loyalty Program


Developing GAF’s new products for better, more affordable home construction

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