Build it, break it,
fix it

Collaboratively develop an idea, expand upon it, and then test its strength. Use it to grow your vision. Then tear it down and re-build.

What is this for?

The Build it, break it, fix it toolkit was designed to collaboratively develop an idea as a team.

In this exercise, different team members are asked to look at the idea from different concepts and to build upon each others work. The goal is to iterate in order to refine the original concept.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Individually pick 1 idea you would like to explore in more detail (5 min).

Step 2

Individually complete the first step of the template by sketching out your ideas (10 min).

Step 3

Pass through the templates in a clockwise direction to complete steps 2-4 
(15 min).

Step 4

Individually review the work your team members did on your idea (5 min).

Step 5

Ask everyone to present their original idea and the most valuable iterations in no more than 2 minutes per person. End the exercise by having a short discussion on each idea. (25 min).

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