Scoping canvas.

The ultimate 1-page template for any innovative project.

What will you learn?

This canvas helps you to create a 1-page snapshot to map the 8 most important components of every innovation challenge you’re facing.

Pro tip: Focus on the problem and its context and keep an open mind – the team might come up with different solutions. 

Step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Download this PDF and print it on an A3. 

Step 2

Ask yourself and the team: why this challenge? This first step helps you to zoom out and look at the overall picture. Is there a meaningful reason to carry on this project? Is it in line with the strategic goals of your company? 

Step 3

Define the customer segment: who is the persona who is going to be impacted by your project? 

Step 4

Next, analyze the current situation: how is your customer segment currently dealing with the problem you’re trying to solve? Which alternatives are currently available?

Step 5

You’re now ready to create one, single, clear how might we statement (HMW) for your team. By doing this, you create a powerful, optimistic, clear vision, which will help the team to drive in the same direction and this with a clear focus.

Step 6

List the first solution ideas. How did you come up with these solutions? For inspiration, check out our idea hunting guide.

Step 7

Which assumptions are gravitating around your solutions? 

Step 8

Give a precise definition of successwhat’s the goal for your team? Which outputs are you aiming to? What do you expect the team to do and find out? What would be the most successful outcome for you?

Step 9

Lastly, which resources are already on the table? Think about previous similar projects, people who could help or share precious insights, consult market reports, …

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