Prioritize your most important features or concepts and make decisions on how to take them forward.

What is this for?

The innovation battlefield is designed to clarify a proposed solution by focusing on key features.

Converging is a critical step in the innovation process. The innovation battlefield will help you make the right decision in terms of which concepts or features to take forward.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Have a group discussion and identify a potential solution that you want to explore in more detail (10 min).

Step 2

Individually list 5-10 features that you think should be a part of this solution (10 min).

Step 3

Individually place those features on the innovation battlefield based on how much pleasure each feature brings to the customer and how indispensable the feature is (10 min).

Step 4

Focus on the upper quadrants and discuss all features in it. Try to be as critical as possible and challenge each other about the value a feature brings or about how easy it is to test (20 min).

Tip: You should end with no more than 8 features in both upper quadrants combined.

Step 5

Have a group discussion and decide whether you want to move forward with the proposed solution or repeat the exercise with another solution (10 min).

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