Concept disruptiveness

Could your new business model disrupt the market, or is it too safe? Take this test to assess your concept quickly and objectively.

What is this for?

Use this tool to quickly and objectively assess if your new concept and business model has genuine disruptive or radical potential. This is normally a tricky thing to assess as disruptiveness or radically can mean many different things across and within organizations.

You can use these quick questions to get you on a more revolutionary path.

Once you have gone though the ideation process and reached the stage where you have a first concept, you can quickly see whether or not it has disruptive or radical potential. If it fails the litmus test, simply go back to your ideation post its and revise your concept card to make it more challenging to the existing business.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Start answering the questions as a team together by answering YES or NO

Step 2

Count-up the YES and NO responses.

Step 3

If you have answered YES to all the questions, then you have a potentially radical, disruptive or architectural innovation project.

If you have answered NO to a question, go back to your ideation post-its and revise your concept card to make it more revolutionary before you move into prototyping or building your MVP.

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