Problem validation

This tool helps you go smoothly through your first problem validation interviews.

What is this for?

The problem validation questions is a tool to help you conduct your first customer interviews.

Interacting with customers is a crucial part of the problem exploration phase. The problem validation script will give you the sample questions and pointers you need to get the most insight out of it.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

One person in the team should prepare a draft problem interview script (30 min).

Step 2

Test the first version of the problem interview with your teammates and refinethe script together (30 min).

Step 3

Interview at least 5 customers. One person does the interviews and one person takes notes (5 x 50 min).

Step 4

Have a team meeting to discuss the results (look for patterns!) and update your persona, customer journey map and problem interview script (50 min).

Tip: You typically have to repeat this process at least twice to hone in on the right problem to solve.
Tip: Start planning interviews during scoping and take into account a 2-week lead time.

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