Board of Innovation is a business design and innovation strategy firm. Our consultants help the world’s largest organizations navigate fundamental shifts. We do this by developing growth strategies, innovation capabilities, and new businesses using our clients’ assets and core strengths.

Thanks to our years in the field, we know that innovation doesn’t need to be sexy to work. You won’t get innovation theatre from us. Our strategists and business designers are fully committed to delivering return on innovation. We focus on programs that produce results.

What can we do for you?

We provide 2 main consultancy services



Together, we’ll look at how you organize your innovation activities, where you want to go (into new markets, for instance?), review your current innovation portfolio, and help you set the right priorities. During condensed innovation strategy sprints, we’ll turn all of this into a realistic action plan for growth.



A solid strategy and internal capabilities only matter if they enable you to bring new products and services to market. Our business design programs will help you tackle your most urgent business problems. Check out some of the tools and methodologies we use in our business design playbook.

Capability building

Along with innovation strategy and business design, we offer a variety of capability building formulas to enhance the skills within your organization. These include train-the-trainer programs, business model innovation courses, innovation for executives, and more. We won’t offer you these programs unless they will help you achieve the business impact you’re looking for. Our goal is to ensure you’re not dependent on us for long.

Our mission.

Our long-term mission is to inspire 100 million people to innovate for a better tomorrow. To achieve this goal, we’ve built the most comprehensive open-source innovation knowledge base on the web. We publish tools, guides, in-depth break-downs of methodologies, how-to articles, and webinars to give you everything you need to develop successful new businesses.

Why clients love us

Non-obvious solutions

We go beyond the obvious. Anticipate the unexpected. Shape strategies and propositions your peers won’t.

Relentlessly focused on impact

We focus on solving our clients’ big challenges, through meaningful innovation. No innovation theatre.

Strategists + Entrepreneurs

We think like strategists but act like entrepreneurs. Above 50% of our teams have created and led their own company before.

Open source

Our lifetime mission is to inspire 100 million people to innovate for a better tomorrow. That’s why we open source all of our insights and tools.


Over 10+ years of experience with global Fortune 500, envisioning the future, building strategies, and creating new business.


We bring personal drive and dedication. While we have offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia, we have maintained our independence from volume consultancy.

Where are we located?

Board of Innovation operates from offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Singapore. Our diverse team is made up of more than 15 nationalities with a variety of unique perspectives and expertise. 

We have clients in health/life sciences (Roche, Novartis), banking/finance (ING, NN), heavy industry (GE, Lafarge Holcim), fast-moving consumer goods/retail (Danone, Estée Lauder), telco (Liberty Global, Telnor), mobility/aviation (KLM, Volkswagen), and more.

Our culture & values


Be entrepreneurial

We take ownership,
and get things done.

Raise the bar

We aim to set the standard
by working smarter, not harder.

Help others

We genuinely help others to
shine and be amazing. No ego.

Make it matter

We focus on what will have the biggest impact. No theatre.

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