We are BOI

Your partner for Autonomous Innovation.

By living and working with intelligent technologies, businesses and the humans that drive them will operate at a level far beyond our previous potential. We call this the autonomous age.

This will create a paradigm shift for humanity, positively impacting everything from drug discovery to disease management. From the crops we grow, the products we use, to the way we live our lives.

To seize the opportunity, we must boldly reinvent our businesses – how we innovate, grow, and lead. Today.

What we do

Our services


Creating exponential growth strategies that deliver hard-to-copy autonomous products, services, capabilities and workflows.


Creating tangible IP through scalable technology and measurable results. AI-driven and impact-focused – we design, develop, and launch products end-to-end.


Transforming how businesses adapt to new decision-making ability, product capabilities and maintain a new competitive advantage.

What makes us different

Our values

We build

Rome wasn't built in a day, and innovation doesn't happen overnight. That's why we love long-term partnerships where we can dig in and make a difference. Our people become your people. We learn and grow together. And, in the end, your success is our success.

We work
fast & smart.

We turn ideas into impact — and fast. By harnessing the latest powerful technologies, we work rapidly, without cutting corners. So we can test prototypes, action feedback and launch products quickly, from all over the world.

We keep
it simple.

If we say something, we mean it. And if we don't really mean it, we won't say it. We get to the heart of what you need in a clear, straightforward way. No 100-page reports or buzzwords in sight.

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