Our culture.

Our 7 values do not only reflect our approach in working with clients, but also describe the way we organize ourselves internally: a network of self-steering teams without managers, adopting a mindset of experimentation and stimulating transparency and open feedback.

Culture is paramount at Board of Innovation. These seven commandments guide us through our everyday life. If they resonate with you, don’t hesitate to apply for one of our open positions.


Be entrepreneurial

Enjoy the thrill of working at startup speed.

We address every problem with a can-do attitude and a passion for taking responsibility toward positive change.

Raise the bar

We challenge ourselves and others to do better.

We keep each other sharp to seek non-obvious solutions and deliver high-quality results.


Help others

We genuinely help others to shine and be amazing.

What’s the one thing better than being proud of our achievements? Being proud of our colleagues’ achievements.


Trust over control

Be responsible, and enjoy freedom.

We are a self-steering organization. Everyone in the team is free to take complete responsibility for their own work. Goodbye, micro-management.


Be open-minded

We embrace new ideas, people, and other perspectives.

Leave that corporate mask at home. At Board of Innovation, you can bring your whole self: your national dishes, your favorite clothes, your children, and, in reasonable doses, your dark humor (ask Claire).

No bullsh*t

We are straightforward, simply cut the crap.

We say no to spiffy 200-page PDF reports that no one will read, to storytellers with style but no substance, and to over-glorified sales meetings. We strive for what really matters.


Learn every day

Be curious; learn by doing and experimenting.

“Is it worth trying?” This motto motivates us to explore new paths and possibilities in a controlled, rational way.

Our 3 main missions.

As a culture-driven global business design agency we want to inspire over a hundred million people and move them to innovate. We directly contribute to build new businesses in leading organisations. It all starts with building a team of superpowers.


We hope to create a better future.

Our missions and values support our overall purpose: shaping a future where people are positive about the world as it could be, creative in seeking the non-obvious, and entrepreneurial in getting things done. 


When things change, so many people react by being conservative. Desperately trying to keep the status quo. We like to see that more people can be optimistic, to see change as a new opportunity.


There will always be challenges. But significant problems are rarely tackled by copying existing solutions. That’s why we want to emphasize the non-obvious character of solutions. Sometimes you need to re-invent everything, from the ground up. 


Great ideas & positivism are a decent start. But you need to get your hand dirty to make a change. The more we can nudge people to take action, the closer we get to our ideal future!

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