Interview: Winning tactics to assess your talent development program

Marieke van der ZeeTalent Development

Board of Innovation and ING Belgium have worked together for the past four years in a middle management booster program aimed at elevating management’s skills in a cross-disciplinary environment. I’ve interviewed Tamara, Diversity & Inclusion Manager at ING and lead of this project, to give us some insights into the selection and assessment process of this program. Where did the need … Read More

The 9 biggest challenges for corporates to implement lean startup

Arne Van BalenIntrapreneurship

This post is written for innovation managers & corporate lean startup coaches. For basic descriptions of the terms MVP or intrapreneurship, look elsewhere. Here are the 9 biggest challenges for corporates to implement lean startup and 23 great best practices to tackle them: Organizations designed to maximize efficiency 1. Product Dev/Engineers have no direct contact with clients. Sales and customer … Read More

33 Tips to Make the Perfect Innovation Pitch

Nick De MeyUncategorized

tips to make the perfect innovation pitch

Prepare upfront by looking into these key presentation tips and level up your skills for a successful pitch. Don’t forget that this is just as important as the content you are presenting! Whether or not you’ll achieve the desired outcome, can be affected by the way the handle your presentation. We’ll cover three different topics that affect your pitch: Storytelling & … Read More

Generate better business ideas with these 10 triggers & innovation examples

Nick De MeyIdeation, Innovation

For some, it’s really hard to generate a lot of ideas. To help you and your team we’ve listed +10 ways to find better business ideas. For every category, we’ve added a couple of examples. Whether you’re working at a fast-paced Hackathon or an in-depth Innovation Accelerator you will always need inspiration to level up your business concepts! The following 50 slides will … Read More

‘Design Thinking’ as explained by our team

Marieke van der ZeeDesign Thinking

It’s no secret that in today’s uncertain environment more and more industries (not just businesses) are on the verge of breaking down and in need of serious make-overs. It has become a matter of life or death for corporates to create and execute new ideas. This challenging environment demands solutions that go beyond the basic features of products and services. It is up … Read More

3 Top-notch Tips for Loyalty

Anneleen VanhoudtDesign Thinking

Loyalty programs relevancy is being challenged by a new generation of millennials who expect brands not just to deliver great products and services, but also to offer them experiences that fit their individual identities as well as being able to share with their peers. Here are my 2 cents for making your brand addictive:   1. Bring value to you … Read More

8 Fluffy Buzzwords you should NEVER use in your corporate innovation brainstorm

Nick FransenInnovation

As an innovation consultant at Board of Innovation, I’ve guided my share Ideation sessions by now. The results that come out of these sessions can be astounding. Quirky twists of the brain turned into tangible and valuable ideas. Rule #1 of course being: don’t judge ideas in the creativity phase. (No need to tell you this, there’s plenty of literature … Read More

100+ sources that every innovation professional should know

Nick De MeyBoard Of Innovation, Business Model Innovation

Running innovation projects is hard. By definition you’re doing new things so you can’t rely on old habits and routines. If you and your innovation team don’t feel uncomfortable, you’re simply not innovating. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to fly blind. At every moment in your innovation process you can use toinnools, references, checklists and other innovation methods. We do … Read More

A genuine thank you to our founders!

Peter GoossensTeam

TL;DR – Our founders are awesomesauce! It’s rare to find someone you can be truly inspired by. Someone that you can learn from on a daily basis. Someone that challenges you to bring out the best in yourself. Someone that is so good at what he does, it seems effortless (and kinda ridiculous that it takes you 4 times as … Read More

Why Growth Hacking is Crucial to Your Innovation Strategy

Yannick KhayatiGrowth Hacking

It’s hard to maintain innovation. Giants like Polaroid, Nokia and Yahoo all had it in their DNA and still ended up with obsolete core products and failing businesses. Even Apple, which seems to turn everything it touches into gold, is having difficulties to stay innovative. Its newest device (the Apple Watch) is selling badly: the first underperforming product the company’s … Read More

How is innovation accounting monitored in your organization?

Zygi KrupskisInnovation Management

Let’s get the importance of innovation out of the way to start with. It’s crucial to any company. Doesn’t matter if we are talking about a startup or a corporation. Any. Apple would not be Apple without an iPod and Toyota wouldn’t be Toyota without their lean manufacturing, or Netflix without…. well Netflix. You get the point. Good, now we … Read More