Insights from Myanmar: 3 key lessons for (social) entrepreneurship

Anneleen VanhoudtDesign Thinking, Non-profit & public

Let me start by introducing myself: I’m Anneleen, Design Thinking Lead at Board of Innovation. Throughout my professional career, I have repeatedly been asked: Isn’t Design Thinking just common sense? What is it that makes Design Thinking so different from other innovation approaches? I recently had the privilege to support NGO’s in setting up a social enterprise. Together with the … Read More

How to Hire an Innovation Manager

Nick De MeyJobs

How to hire an Innovation Manager - cover

Definition & job description First of all, who is an Innovation Manager? By comparing multiple vacancies, job titles, and buzzwords, we’ve come up with the following overall definition: The Innovation Manager is the person that leads the research into strategic future business opportunities for a company. More specifically, she/he has to blend 3 main mindsets, HR-, tech- and business-related. In … Read More

Why I knew I was right for a job that didn’t exist yet (and how I got it)

Julie de la Kethulle de RyhoveBoard Of Innovation, Jobs

Ugh, today. You need to fit in. You need a degree in something respectable. You need to have a good job. Also respectable. Or you fold under the Silicon-Valley-unicorn-disrupt pressure and launch your own startup. But what if you don’t want to fit in? I’m Julie de la Kethulle de Ryhove and I’ve always gone against the grain (just look … Read More

10 steps to build awesome business ideas

Zygi KrupskisInnovate like a startup

We get managers complain to us quite often that they are submerged by hundreds of ideas, and that these ideas their employees come up with are not tangible enough and are communicated poorly. Hence, they can’t take action on those ideas. On the other side, when we speak to employees, they often complain that the ideas they give to their … Read More

16 cognitive biases that can kill your decision making

Mike PinderInnovation Strategy

16 cognitive biases that can kill your innovation

The purpose of this article is to discuss several key cognitive biases and their effects on decision making within strategic innovation management as well as how to minimize their effects so that team members can contribute optimally to the fuzzy innovation process. They are essential in understanding and managing appropriately to ensure your innovation outputs are most suitable to your … Read More

The Innovation Matrix – A tool to define the Innovation Strategy that best fits your company

Vincent PirenneInnovation Strategy

innovation matrix

Over the past 9 years, Board of Innovation has supported many large organizations in designing and executing a wide range of innovation initiatives. Now, navigating through all these different formats is not always easy. Multiple times, we’ve been asked by innovation managers questions like ‘What is the best innovation initiative for our organization?’ or ‘How do others tackle this problem?’. … Read More

When to apply Lean Startup and/or Design Thinking

Lucas TamborynDesign Thinking, lean startup

Design Thinking and Lean Startup have become a part of any innovation enthusiast’s jargon. These relatively new methodologies are being used by corporates as well as startups to structure and de-risk their innovation activities. Inspired by success stories such as Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, Google, companies are increasingly looking to Design Thinking and Lean Startup for answers. In order to find … Read More

How to Make Money With An App (and other business model ideas to explore)

Nick De MeyBusiness Model Innovation

(this post is a summary of the Keynote presentation I did at the European Innovation Academy) Since we launched our consultancy years ago, I must have guided close to 1000 corporate start-ups. Of course, I guided some just for a day, while others were for six months or more! One topic that I regularly covered in these consultancy tracks & accelerator programs … Read More

10 Questions to prove that you can run a Design Sprint today

giorgio orsucciDesign Sprints, Design Thinking

Corporate Design Sprint

At the time we’re writing this post, we’ve run more than 20 design sprints for Fortune 500 companies and other organizations. We’ve experienced an increasing interest and experience around design sprints, and our clients are well aware of it. Many innovation practitioners know the overall structure and objectives of these kinds of innovation programs. Yet, we receive a huge amount of … Read More

Internet of Things will make you live longer!

Peter GoossensHealthcare

The healthcare industry, just like the manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and many other industries, has not been spared by the IoT revolution. IoT applications could force a shift in healthcare from an illness-centered system to a wellness-centered system. In this scenario, healthcare wouldn’t just cure people but increasingly and preventatively care about people. If IoT can fasten this process, the future of healthcare … Read More

The 9 biggest challenges for corporates to implement lean startup

Arne Van BalenIntrapreneurship

This post is written for innovation managers & corporate lean startup coaches. For basic descriptions of the terms MVP or intrapreneurship, look elsewhere. Here are the 9 biggest challenges for corporates to implement lean startup and 23 great best practices to tackle them: Organizations designed to maximize efficiency 1. Product Dev/Engineers have no direct contact with clients. Sales and customer … Read More

33 Tips to Make the Perfect Innovation Pitch

Nick De MeyInnovation

tips to make the perfect innovation pitch

Prepare upfront by looking into these key presentation tips and level up your skills for a successful pitch. Don’t forget that this is just as important as the content you are presenting! Whether or not you’ll achieve the desired outcome, can be affected by the way the handle your presentation. We’ll cover three different topics that affect your pitch: Storytelling & … Read More

Generate better business ideas with these 10 triggers & innovation examples

Nick De MeyIdeation, Innovation

For some, it’s really hard to generate a lot of ideas. To help you and your team we’ve listed +10 ways to find better business ideas. For every category, we’ve added a couple of examples. Whether you’re working at a fast-paced Hackathon or an in-depth Innovation Accelerator you will always need inspiration to level up your business concepts! The following 50 slides will … Read More