Clarify your experiments to validate your assumptions.

What is this for?

The experiment card is a tool designed to plan your experiment and move from assumption to validated learning.

A key element of experimentation is translating an assumption into different hypotheses, defining success criteria, and designing a bias-free experiment. The experiment card provides a useful framework to do this.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Review the experiments you identified with the experiment picker tool (10 min).

Step 2

Individually complete an experiment card(15 min).

Step 3

Pass around filled-in experiment cards and write down feedback on sticky notes (10 min).

Step 4

Have a group discussion about the planned experiments to ensure that all experiments have a clear hypothesis, success criteria, etc. (15 min).

Step 5

Wrap-up by reviewing the next steps, roles and responsibilities. Don’t forget to book a meeting to analyze the results of your experiments (10 min).

Tip: If you need more information on different types of experiments and how to run them, please refer to the validation guide

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