Experiment card.

Do you have a concept idea, but you have to test its validity? Run controlled experiments to validate your assumptions - this 1-page template will help you clarify your experiment.


What will you learn?

The “experiment card” helps you to set up the experiment that will allow you to validate those assumptions you previously mapped (you did, right? In case you didn’t, check out our validation playbook).

Instead of running a full prototype, define the elements of your business concept you’re not completely certain about and set up a small experiment to validate each of them individually.

Step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Download this PDF and print it on an A3 or A2. 

Step 2

Write down your assumption.

Pro-tip: You can use our assumption mapper to challenge, categorize and prioritize the assumptions made in your business concept.

Step 3

Write down the type of experiment you think is most suitable to test the assumption made. 

Step 4

Assign an experiment lead, an owner that will take care of the experiment. 

Step 5

Describe the experiment: what needs to be tested and how will you do it?

Step 6

Describe the target audience of the experiment.

Step 7

Outline the goal of your experiment. Describe when the result of the experiment is successful.

Step 8

Sum up the practicalities that need to be done to do the experiment and structure them on the timeline. Pro-Tip: Don’t forget to sketch your experiment setup!

Step 9

Lastly, after running the experiment, use the result box to indicate whether you confirmed/rejected your assumption. If confirmed, you can move on. If rejected, look for ways to review your business concept to solve this pitfall.

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