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Innovation doesn’t only happen in the office of the CEO. Innovation is the result of a collective transformation promoted by a multitude of individuals who believe in positive change. That’s why, in this page, we shared for free our favorite Innovation Tools: to empower as many individuals as possible to make a positive change in the world. Our tools are now being used by thousands of professionals across our corporate clients, SMEs, competitors, and universities. Spreading innovation culture is in our DNA.

Innovation Tools

Actionable, printable, shareable tools to help you and your team ideate, validate, prototype better – and ultimately design great services and products.

Guides (PDF)

Ideas, insights, suggestions, to empower you to embrace innovation and to design a better world.


Our webinars to pick up the next-gen trends in technology and entrepreneurship, a wide range of hands-on tips and tricks from innovation experts and any other ideas worth spreading.

Staff Picks

Our favorite resources, websites, podcasts, office tools, which make us work faster and better – and maybe can have the same effect on you too.

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Innovation Tools

Idea Generator
The idea generator is designed to generate new ideas for your industry.

The Innovation Matrix
A tool to define the Innovation strategy that fits your organization best.

Opposite Thinking

Opposite Thinking Tool
Everything, and its opposite. One of the most famous ideation techniques to generate awesome ideas through opposite thinking.

Brainstorm Cards
A  collection of 52 cards to help you brainstorm and come up with new ideas.

The How-Now-Wow Matrix
The How-Now-Wow Matrix helps you categorize innovative ideas according to level of disruption and ease of implementation.

15 Innovation Posters
Time to remove the corporate dust from your office. Print this set to spice up your desk.

200+ Inspiring Predictions
How will our world evolve in the decades ahead of us? Use these triggers in your own brainstorm.

Revenue Decision Tree
Use this flowchart to pick the most promising revenue model for your B2C/B2B business.

Business Model Kit
Perfect for offline individual and team brainstorms about new business ideas.

The Concept Card
An easy-to-use tool to summarise your concept by answering some critical questions.

Customer Empathy Map

The Empathy map provides a basis for identifying the needs of the customer and opportunities for the project.

Customer Journey Map

Identify problem areas and key moments by mapping your customers experience with your service or product.

Ballpark Figures (Revenue)

Quickly project the viability of your idea without having to built a full blown business case.

Innovation Landscape

Structure your ideas and discuss them in group to properly evaluate and refine your ideas/concepts.

Assumption Mapper
Do you have a business proposition in mind? Challenge and prioritize your assumptions with this Assumption Mapper.

Innovation DNA
Visualise your current innovation strategy and highlight the main gaps and shortcomings between your current strategy and your future goals.

3 Horizons of Innovation
A tool that provides a structure for your business to assess potential opportunities for growth without neglecting performance in the present.

Tech & Trends Matrix
Explore how specific trends and technologies can impact your challenges at hand.

Idea Shopping Cart
This tool will help you to ensure a sufficient variety of ideas whilst facilitating everyone’s individual decisionmaking process.

Analogy Thinking
An ideation technique that helps you identifying those factors that make a business, product or service successful and translating them to your context.

Collaborative Sketching
An ideation technique where we use the universal language of drawing to build upon each other’s​ ideas.

Innovation Day Agenda
An agenda to inspire people, develop relevant business concepts and learn new innovation tools along the way.

Experiment Execution Card

This tool will help you to set up the experiment you need to validate the assumptions made in your business concept.

Guides (PDF)

50+ Business Models you should copy today
50+ Business Models and 150 innovative insights to help you create the next business models.

How to be an Innovation Rockstar
We’ve collected for you a list of resources to be an awesome Innovation Manager.

52 tools to innovate like a startup
For corporates that want to innovate like a startup. Different formats to experiments.

Money making techniques for startups
Forget Ads! Here are the money making techniques every startup should know.

27 Revenue Model Options – B2C
Do you have a new idea and you’re wondering if you can monetize it?

52 Hacks for Innovation-oriented organizations
A curated collection of 52 actions and experiments that any organization can take to embrace innovative mindset.

10 steps to build business ideas
Validate business ideas with proven methodologies and communicate these ideas more effectively with a structured format.

Triggers to generate better business ideas
Tips for your team to find more creative ideas!

Design Thinking Crash Course
From 0 to 60 mph in Design Thinking in only 3 tools.

IoT will make you live longer
8 applications of Internet of Things that will make Healthcare cheaper and more effective.

Design Sprints
10 Questions to prove that you can run a Design Sprint today

9 Indicators that prove that your innovation programme will fail
We collected 9 indicators that signal that something is going wrong + 13 clear actions to take!

33 Tips to make the perfect innovation pitch
The topics we’ll go through are Storytelling & Framing, Body language & Attitude and Slides & Practical tips.

+50 Companies you should copy
We’ve selected the most innovative business models out there and visualised the different revenue streams.

Accelerate internal project: Go-To-Market
A step by step approach to accelerate an internal innovation project in your company.

29 Revenue Model Options for Industrial Companies
Explore 29 trigger cards with different business model options and pricing tactics

Boost your innovation project
Nine practical tips to consider before starting an innovation or ideation project.

The perfect innovation toolkit for $100/month
We made a selection of innovation tools, to kickstart your innovation team with less than $100 a month.

15 Lessons from Behavioural Economics
Some of the covered concepts are: The Endowment Effect, Hyperbolic Discounting, The IKEA effect, Anchoring Bias etc.

How startups create a frictionless experience
How new business models create an unbeatable customer experience. Focuses on on-demand services, next-gen technologies & frictionless services

Innovation War Room experiments
Create your own innovation war room and get inspired by this list we’ve created for you

DIY: Corporate innovation accelerator
A step by step approach to create an innovation platform in your company

27 Revenue Model Options – B2B
Do you have a new idea and you’re wondering if you can monetize it?

How I got 2,5 Million views on Slideshare
An overview of the techniques I used to create nice looking Slideshares

How to choose the right business model?
The different revenue model options, business model types and drivers why people pay. Ask the right questions to select your monetization strategy

How we pull big corporates out of their comfort zone
30 controversial innovation tricks from 6 peculiar industries that we use in our bootcamp sessions.

Innovation Transformation for Corporates
Reasons and challenges of transformation programs plus what are the steps to start an effective corporate transformation

Ideation Guide
A detailed actionable guide that allows you to host your own ideation session.

Validation Guide
A guide with examples to learn how you can validate new business ideas.


How to define the Innovation Strategy that fits your company? 
Discover the innovation initiative that suits your company best.

How & Why to run a Corporate Design Sprint?
Understand how the Understand and Define phase within a Design Sprint enable us to identify the right challenge, before moving to designing things right.

How to ideate like an Expert?
Get an ideation deep-dive and learn techniques to guarantee you’re able to brainstorm like an expert.

How do corporates come up with innovative ideas?
Learn how to apply our Brainstorm Cards, a collection of 52 cards we created to help you brainstorm and come up with new ideas, in your upcoming ideation.

Design Thinking: What changes in a B2B context? 
Learn the basics of the Design Thinking Process & some major differences in a B2B context.

Staff Picks

100+ resources that every Innovation Professional should know
The all-in-one list of resources you need to know.

Our 10 Favorite Innovation Podcasts
A selection of Podcasts about Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Design.

Our 10 Favorite Digital Prototyping Tools
A list of 10 must-have tools for digital prototyping.

Our 10 Favorite Ideation Techniques 
A list of 10 must-have tools for a kick-ass ideation session

 We’ll keep you up to date when new tools will be available.