This tool asks you to familiarize with the opposite side of things, to stretch the horizon of possibilities.

What is this for?

Opposite thinking will help your team to challenge their assumptions about the problem and possible solutions and come up with non-obvious ideas.

Opposite thinking is more than just an ideation tool, it’s a mindset that you should try to apply throughout your innovation journey.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Individually list 2 assumptions you have about the problem your are trying to solve or about solutions that you have in mind (10 min).

Step 2

Share your assumptions and add them in the left column of the opposite thinking template (10 min).

Step 3

Individually pick an assumption and define one or two opposite realities in the second column (5min).

Step 4

Individually think about these new realities, how it affects your problem and add potential solutions to the third column (5min).

Step 5

Keep repeating steps 3 and 4 until you have identified opposite realities and potential solutions for all assumptions (10 min).

Tip: Don’t hesitate to build upon the opposite realities or proposed solutions of your team members!

Step 6

Review all proposed solutions as a team and build on each other ideas 
(20 min).

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