Analogy thinking.

Identifying those factors that make a business, product or service successful and translating them to your context.


What is this for?

This ideation technique isn’t about simply copying existing products or business models. The “analogy thinking template” helps you:

  • To identify those factors that make a business, product or service successful.
  • To translate those success factors to your business context.

Step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Download this PDF and print it on an A1 or A2 sheet of paper. You can also draw the diagram on a sheet of paper if you can’t print.

Step 2

Before you start ideating you need to do some research. Find some interesting Business Models or download and print the 50+
 business models to copy. 

Step 3

Give each group an analogy card and ask them to read it and identify what makes the business on their analogy card successful.

Step 4

Write the success factors down on post-its and place them on the left-hand side of the template.

Pro-tip: ask everyone to individually write down 2 elements and discuss them afterward within their group.

Step 5

Tell the participants to apply those insights to their case and write these new ideas down on the right-hand side of the template.

Pro-tip: don’t just copy a success factor but use it as a trigger to come up with new ideas. 

Step 6

Hand out a new case and a new template and repeat the exercise 3 times. Every round should take about 15 min.

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