Concept card

A 1-page template to move quickly from random "post-it" ideas to a clear concept overview.

What is this for?

Do you have a new business product or service in the making? The “concept card” helps you:

  • Summarize your concept by answering critical questions. Who is your target audience? Which problems are you solving? What is the solution? 
  •  Make an initial idea more mature. The concept card is a great way to make sure that important aspects of an idea have been thought through. 

Step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Download this PDF and print it on an A4 sheet of paper.

Step 2

Start filling in the template by describing the customer: who is this product for? Understanding the customer will help you keep the right focus.

Step 3

What customer problem are you solving is the next question you need to answer. Describing the customer needs will prevent you from creating a product that nobody wants.

Step 4

After describing your customer, it’s time to focus on your product. What is the engaging service you offer to solve the customer problem? Describe your solution and write it down on the concept card template.

Step 5

How to make money with our concept is what we’re tackling in step 5. What are the first revenue model ideas you have come up with? You can always check our business model examples for inspiration.  

Step 6

Make an amazing drawing of your product. Why? Because a drawing will help you pitch or explain your concept to others.

Concept card

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