Customer journey map.

Possibly the most famous design thinking tool, a customer journey map allows you to reconsider the interaction with your products or services from the customer's perspective.

What will you learn?

Want to find opportunities for improvement in the customer journey of your company’s products or services? The “customer journey” helps you:

  • Identify problem areas and key pain points by mapping your customers’ experience with your service or product. From there you can extract opportunities for improvement through building an understanding of how your customer navigates within the context of your service/product.
  • Validate assumptions. What task does the user want to complete at a particular stage in the journey? How does the customer feel and interact with your organization? 

Step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Download this PDF and print it on an A2. You can also draw it out on a sheet of paper if you can’t print.

Step 2

Determine your scope by defining your customer persona, scenario, goals and expectations.

Step 3

Write down the different actions taken by your customer in relation to a specific product/service. Start with the pre-experience of your customer, after that we move on to the current-experience and last but not least the post-experience.

Step 4

Write down every touch point the customer has with your company across all the different channels in chronological order.  

Step 5

Map the experience of the customer by drawing a line without any interruptions. It will help you reach deeper insights about your users because you’re placing yourself in their shoes.

Step 6

Analyse the journey and define the opportunities to make your customer experience even better.

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