sizing canvas

Use this tool to assess the size of a customer problem and determine if solving it could produce value for your business.

What is this for?

The problem sizing canvas will help you make a quick guesstimate regarding the value of a specific customer problem. Will producing a solution to this problem delight your customers? Will eliminating this pain point make them want to use your product or service? Would they be willing to pay for it?

Rather than create complicated spreadsheets that are tweaked until they show a billion dollar opportunity, this simple tool will save you time by forcing your team to agree on a couple of key assumptions. Keep adjusting the template after you’ve (in)validated those assumptions.

Once a problem’s size has been validated, you can start thinking of solutions.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

As a team, refer back to your persona and customer journey and agree on which problem you would like to explore further.

Step 2

Individually complete the problem sizing canvas using your best guesses and simple Google searches. Make sure to write down your key assumptions and benchmarks.

Step 3

Compare your notes and work together as a group to fine-tune your problem sizing canvas.

Step 4

Have a team discussion to decide whether the problem size is big enough to continue with problem validation interviews, or whether you should pivot and focus on a different problem.

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