Business design.

Board of Innovation helps companies build powerful innovation strategies, discover unmet customer needs, imagine effective solutions, and prepare for market launch. Discover our solutions for business design.

Full services.

Do you prefer an all-in-one program? If so, our special innovation formats cover a broader spectrum of innovation capabilities. Go for the 1-week, all-in experience of a Design Sprint for a quick innovation immersion, or choose a 4-month corporate Accelerator when you’re ready to scale up.


Find the right problem.

Over 80% of new products and services fail for one simple reason: they don’t solve a real problem. Through hands-on Design Thinking methodologies, Board of Innovation helps corporations explore solutions to real unmet needs.


Find the right solution.

Your corporate innovation team is creating a new product or service. Are you sure the solution your team has designed is the best fit for the problem at hand? Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies help organizations test and validate the desirability, viability, and feasibility of new business concepts so that you design solutions your customers will really love.



You are trying to go to market with a new venture and need external support. Have you looked internally for the right staff, or externally for freelancers and not found the talent you need? Our entrepreneurs in residence offer flexible, lean expertise to help coach your teams on a project and accelerate your business idea. Hire them on a part-time, short-term basis and see what their entrepreneurial mindsets can make happen.     

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