The vision card will help you expand your concept by adding early business model details and enabling you to begin crafting your customer value proposition.

What is this for?

The vision card will help you explain your concept in more detail after you’ve received early feedback internally or from users, clients, or customers. Use it to trigger critical discussions on risks, challenges, and features, and to identify the key customer value you’re creating. Fill it in once you’ve completed your concept card.

The vision and concept card may seem similar, but the vision card is, in fact, a progression. It enables you to develop a more mature visionary concept that considers critical areas (including early indications of what the business case might look like) in order to gain more in-depth critical stakeholder feedback.

If you’re struggling to put your vision on the page, refer back to your concept card or seek further internal or customer/client feedback.


Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Use your pre-filled concept card as the basis.

Step 2

Consider early business model elements that you foresee.

Step 3

Think about rough ballpark figures you think you might need to realize this vision.

Step 4

Craft your elevator pitch in a value proposition statement. This will help you explain your vision in the least amount of time and words.

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