Who is this guide for?

This guide is for every innovation professional out there, looking to integrate AI in their innovation process. 

Why this guide?

Running a design sprint without AI, is like running a marathon without shoes. 

Using creative AI as a co-pilot, you can supercharge your innovation process.

An AI-powered innovation sprint allows you to  generate 100s of ideas, test them against AI-modeled personas, and make them come to life through various rounds of design.

We have made this guide to help you get started with running your own AI-powered innovation sprint. Experience the exponential breadth and speed of AI.

From agenda to tools – this guide has got you covered. Use it as a jumping-off point to design your own AI-powered innovation sprint.

Want more content on AI for innovation?

We keep updating our open-source material on AI – check out our webinars, our Creative AI report, and our AI-powered innovation services.