Revenue model
flowchart B2C

An easy-to-use poster to find new B2C revenue models and decide which are right for you.

What is this for?

Use our revenue model flowchart to explore different potential revenue streams and discover models you can use to monetize your ideas.

Answer a number of simple questions to determine start-ups that might have a relevant business model that you can leverage to support your solution.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Download and print the B2C revenue model booklet.

Step 2

As a team, go through the decision tree. Every time you land on a start-up, write down the respective number (15 min).

Step 3

Divide the 5-10 start-ups that are relevant for your solution and read through the cases individually (15 min).

Step 4

Share key learnings with the team and discuss which potential new revenue streams you can include in your business model (15 min).

Step 5

Revisit the business model kit based on the lessons learned and explore different options (45 min).

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