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Make bigger moves

In this rapidly changing world, there is incredible potential for disruptive growth. Our scenario planning will give you confidence that you’ve identified the relevant trends shaping the future of your business, starting today. Our systematic process identifies potential disruptors and market shifts to help you gain and maintain a competitive edge. We use AI tools and interviews with early adopters to validate future scenarios so we can craft innovation strategies to leverage new opportunities for your brand, portfolio, organization and customers.

You need an aggressive growth and innovation strategy to survive and thrive. We identify the most significant moves for your business, brand and portfolio – whether it’s breaking into new markets, capturing new customers or occasions, expanding your corporate strategy, or launching a new-to-world product category. We first understand your consumer and then create growth and innovation strategies based on market opportunity analysis, competitive intelligence and customer profiling. Our data-driven approach helps you gain stakeholder alignment. We map necessary internal capabilities, governance and processes needed to effectively execute our growth strategy recommendations.

Leading with empathy, we uncover the current B2B or B2C user experience and leverage behavioral science techniques to identify customer motivations and triggers. We map the customer journey, identifying relevant new product and service opportunities around pain points. Because product and portfolio strategy is vital to any successful business, we recommend new opportunities that are not only based on consumer needs, brand elasticity, strategic fit and size of prize but also optimize your product mix and portfolio. The net result is new offerings that are laser focused on unmet needs, win new customers and extend customer loyalty.

Design better experiences

We lead with empathy to uncover the current user experience; using behavioral science techniques, we identify customer motivations and triggers so that we can optimize your product launch strategy and service design. We use rapid prototyping and experimentation to develop and iterate concepts and develop MVP features that maximize value and reduce time to market. Our human centered design process results in compelling products and experiences that drive brand loyalty.

Understanding motivation is key to understanding consumer behavior and we uncover the stories behind the data – so that we can impact what consumers actually do. Our experimentation and validation methods use concepts and prototypes to test potential offerings on social media and in real world retail environments. Through this data validation, user testing and rapid experimentation, we de-risk assumptions and use rapid market feedback to iterate ideas, products, services, creating concepts that will win in market.

Our customer experience and digital design services increase consumer engagement and satisfaction as well as optimize upsell and cross-sell opportunities. We use digital ethnography and the latest research methods to uncover deep insight into your customer’s journey and buying behavior. We identify unmet needs, delving into their functional and emotional relationship to the product, channel and competition. We develop, test and validate potential solutions – from usability testing to user interface to A/B Testing – to ensure your experience and offering meets expectations and performs as needed.

Launch new business

Business model development is the key to unlocking customer value and capturing revenue. We zoom out on the ecosystem to optimize value exchange between stakeholders. We articulate the delivery systems, monetization strategies and sources of competitive advantage. Using real-time data and analytics, we quantify the business opportunity, setting realistic ramp-up assumptions. We build a high-level business case with revenue, expenses and ROI. Our creative and data driven approach transforms business modeling and creates innovative solutions for long-term success.

We help you pilot your MVP; iterating with agility to address early market conditions. We identify launch partners, test marketing with early adopters and evaluate early outcomes. This allows us to quickly modify targeting, pricing, positioning and activation plans, capitalizing on trends and avoiding costly missteps. Our agile experimentation, analytics and continuous improvement processes ensure that the launch product remains competitive and helps us create an actionable roadmap for expansion.

Our venture building studio partners with cross-functional client teams to explore and incubate new ideas. We team with experts with in-depth knowledge of the industry, market trends and customer. Acting as product owner, we speed new businesses to market, coordinating activities including product strategy, design / CX, engineering, operations and growth hacking to launch. Our pragmatic but expansive approach encompasses problem-solving and strategic execution so that your venture building be successful.

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