Autonomous Innovation strategy

Develop your strategy for the future role of AI in innovation – to develop an always-on innovation engine that imagines, creates and launches new products and services with unprecedented quality, speed and success.

Building a new,
innovation engine

Imagine a future where innovation isn’t just constant—it’s autonomous. We help you envision what the emergence of Autonomous Innovation means for your company, from imagination to commercialization. We design your strategy for innovating with AI, and how you can use it to develop a competitive advantage. 

AI maturity model by Board of Innovation

What does a future of
Autonomous Innovation

Autonomous innovation methodologies

Improving the speed, depth and breadth of innovation – resulting in increased investment confidence through hyper-validated concepts and adaptive outputs.


‘Launching and learning’ in the market in real-time with autonomous feedback loops – resulting in launches that stick.

Autonomous innovation governance

Better coordinated corporate innovation activities, relying less on manual data capture, more accurate data and better decision-making.

Autonomous customized GPT models

Custom methodologies that rely on internal company or project data – creating a competitive advantage against startups.


New products, services and businesses that adapt and improve themselves in order to be more inclusive and better meet the needs of individual consumers.

This is more than a technological upgrade;
it's a paradigm shift in how innovation is done.

First movers will have a considerable competitive advantage

Philippe De Ridder | CEO at Board of Innovation

Autonomous Innovation Loop
AI-powered innovation engine (Board of Innovation, 2023)

Key benefits of building towards Autonomous Innovation

The future of innovation for your company

Gain an inspiring view on how you can improve the speed, depth and success rate with AI-powered innovation at your company. Gain clarity on your strategy, and the roadmap towards it.

Innovation as a new competitive advantage

Identify how you can use your internal data and unique capabilities to develop custom data-driven use cases, and build toward a more autonomous innovation engine  that creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

Exponential increase in novel ideas and testing

Leverage AI to go beyond human imagination and generate an exponential amount of novel ideas based on the breadth of human knowledge and proprietary data sets. De-risk innovations through rapid (synthetic) simulation and validation before investing.

The approach

Over 4 weeks, we help you envision the future of what the emergence of Autonomous Innovation means for your company – and how, practically, you can use it to develop a competitive advantage.



We design a strategy sprint tailored to your organization’s unique needs and goals.

A detailed project plan that is ready to put into action.

Week 1

Set your ambition

We run a collaborative workshop to define your ambition with our maturity model.

We lead an inspirational grounding in the future of Autonomous Innovation.

A clearly defined future ambition for innovation and the role of AI

Week 2

Imagine the future

We conduct interviews and map future use cases and data needs.

We shape your future autonomous innovation engine.

A team that has an understanding of the future – and a glimpse of what it means for your organization.

Week 3

Develop the strategy

We share initial use cases tailored to your organization.

We begin to develop recommendations for your organization.

An inspiring look at the future of innovation at your organization.

Week 4

Deliver the strategy

We run a collaborative workshop to build out the strategy and recommendations.

We refine and deliver the recommendations.

A clear strategy on how to prepare for an AI-driven future – and what needs to happen.

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