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This is more than a summit; it’s a launchpad for leaders who aspire to shape the future rather than react to it. Engage with experts, share insights, and emerge with a blueprint for your own journey.

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I wonder if the feeling I have now after 1 and a half day of this summit, is similar to what people felt when the first man landed on the moon..
Board of Innovation nailed it! They are really on the cutting edge when we talk about innovation with AI. Their generous effort on these issues is priceless
My biggest regret is not getting more of my colleagues to attend. The information and knowledge shared were eye-opening and inspirational.
I love how we are getting dense Ted Talk style talks for 2 days. Love it.
/Imagine A new packaging for take away food
/Imagine New ways of rapid prototyping
/Imagine A dyson inspired headphone device

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