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Use behavioral design to understand that your patients are more than their disease

The evolving healthcare industry makes it ripe to apply behavioral design methodology. As the expectations of pharma and healthcare companies are changing, it is essential to have a playbook to help you uncover and meet the structural and emotional needs of patients.

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The playbook offers a fresh perspective and a framework to apply behavioral design, that can lead to innovative, patient-centric solutions.

These tools allow you to take a step back and discover the ways you can create value for patients, that go outside of your comfort zone and create real system level impact.

In the Behavioral Health Design Playbook

  • What is behavioral design and why is it a powerful tool for health innovation?
  • Introducing behavioral design impact maps for key therapeutic areas
  • New framework to ensure a deeper level of patient understanding and testing
  • New tools for your team to capture patient behavioral journeys and craft behavioral design challenge statements
  • Answers from our consultants to some of the most common questions from our clients

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Patient behavior journey map

The Patient Behaviour Journey Map allows you to capture the patient experience through a behavioral design perspective.

Behavioral challenge statement builder

Use this tool to translate your understanding of the patient into a well-crafted behavioral challenge statement.

Patient behavior biases poster

This poster highlights 9 critical biases that influence decisions related to health. Understanding them will help increase the success of your solutions and interventions.

Supporting health leaders for 10+ years​


Design your strategic initiatives and opportunities by understanding the impact of fundamental market, consumer, and technology shifts.

Ecosystem mapping​

Visualize the ecosystem to identify opportunities to deliver increased value, optimize care delivery, and grow in new, non-traditional channels.

Go-to-market strategy

Develop and test a go-to-market blueprint and tactics for increased reach and activation from target users.

Health validation track​

Validate and refine your concept’s problem/ solution/market fit with experimentation

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We are experts in helping you better understand your patients and designing solutions to solve their unmet needs.

behavioral health design playbook

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