Product & service design

Designing products and services that people will love.

Applying user-centric design approaches, we create products and services that meet the demands of your users, capitalizing on their motivations and tackling their barriers, transforming insights into evidence-backed products. 

Market-validated products and services. Ready to launch.

Develop product and service solutions your customers actually need.

We dive deep into customer journeys and pain points, to discover and validate new opportunities for your business. We ideate and co-create with you – and with your customers. With an agile approach to rapid prototyping and market validation, we turn actual customer behavior into insights, to further develop and validate your solution.

Design more desirable products and services, exceed expectations of your customers by creating experiences that delight them, and be confident in your launch.

Our work is at the intersection of human-centered design and systems thinking, ensuring that we create products that ultimately solve the unmet needs of consumers, and maximize the ecosystem in which they are deployed to maximize a successful launch

Ahmed Ashour | Principal Business Designer, Board of Innovation

Key challenges we tackle

How can we promote the voice of the customer?

UX testing puts real users at the center of the design process. Instead of guessing or assuming user needs, actual user feedback guides the product or service design.

This ensures the final product is tailor-made for its intended audience, leading to increased adoption, satisfaction, and loyalty.

How can we reduce the risk of a launch failure?

By continuously validating ideas and designs with actual users, teams can catch potential pitfalls before they become costly mistakes.

This iterative approach means products and services are refined until they meet user needs, dramatically decreasing the chances of an unsuccessful launch. 

How can we build the right MVP?

Harnessing agile methodologies, we craft dynamic product roadmaps that don’t merely aim for a successful launch but set the stage for market leadership.

Our roadmaps are engineered for scalability, guaranteeing that every development effort invested today paves the way for future growth without redundancy.

We’re not just preparing you for a successful product debut; we’re architecting your long-term market leadership.

Key outcomes

The best products and services are born when efficiency meets empathy.

We start by diving into user needs, and sculpting solutions that are not only innovative but also user-centric. By continuously validating these solutions with real-world user experience testing, we ensure that every step taken is with purpose and aligned with market demands.

It’s more than just design; it’s a holistic strategy to deliver market-leading innovations that genuinely resonate with users.

Personas and customer journeys

These detailed representations of your target users encapsulate their preferences, actual behavior, and pain points.

Built from real user data, persona profiles are crucial for guiding design decisions and ensuring the product or service aligns with user needs.

High fidelity product and service prototypes

Starting from low-fidelity sketches and advancing to high-fidelity interactive prototypes, these tangible representations of your product or service evolve through the testing and feedback phases. They provide stakeholders and developers with a clear vision of the final product’s design and functionality.

The final prototypes are development-ready.

Products or services your customers will love

We define, design and refine the product and conduct rigorous customer and in-market testing, getting the product into the hands of customers. 

Our teams test and iterate often and fast, to make sure you design and launch products and services people care about.


Our work in product & service design

Check out some of the work we’ve done 

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Capitalizing on shifting consumer trends and meeting newly surfaced unmet needs in the men’s grooming world.

Co-creating new products with consumers, to drive a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Creating first-in-class digital solutions to support the healthcare patient’s omnichannel experience.

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