journey map

Capture the patient journey through a behavioral design perspective

What is this for?

Capture the patient experience through a behavioral design perspective. This tool puts emphasis on the critical decisions of a patient to ensure that you have a holistic patient understanding and that your solutions will effectively influence decision making.

The Patient Behavior Journey Map is designed for you to capture the activities, decisions, influencers of patients. It is also to be used to identify the unknowns and areas of uncertainty to trigger additional exploration.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Scope the depth of the journey that is important for your strategic business objectives

Step 2

Map the hypothetical patient journey on this tool. This is what you believe to be true that needs to be validated

Step 3

Identify unknowns and areas of uncertainty within the journey

Step 4

Conduct exploratory ethnographic research with target patients and stakeholders to dig deeper into decisions and influencers

Step 5

Refine journey map based on learning

Step 6

Repeat until you are able to prioritize key decisions and can articulate the underlying influencers, social determinants, and biases of each

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