Solution validation

A set of questions to ask key stakeholders to validate your solution.

What is this for?

We have an inherent bias toward our solution. We typically assume a willingness to pay and adoption rates that are not tested in reality. Use this script to help you set up an interview with some key stakeholders.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Individually list all business model assumptions you have.

Step 2

Prioritize these assumptions by asking yourself the questions “What would happen if this assumption is invalidated?”

Step 3

Create your business model interview script based on the solution validation script and the critical assumptions you want to test.

Step 4

Test the first version on a colleague or friend.

Step 5

Schedule business model interviews with the key stakeholders you identified using the business model kit.

Step 6

Execute interviews using the following structure:

  • 2 mins intro
  • 3 mins warm-up questions
  • 20 mins questioning
  • 5 mins wrap up
  • 10 mins synthesis and analysis of feedback in relation to initial needs and problems

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