We support global innovators.

Pulling century-old companies into the future and empowering high-end innovation teams.

Pulling century-old companies into the future

You don’t want to be the next Nokia or Blackberry. New startups are challenging the business models of companies that existed for ages. We help the intrapreneurs within your organization to find new & sustainable sources of profit.

  • How do I kick-start innovation within my organization?
  • How to boost intrapreneurship?
  • What are the options to tackle disruption in our market?

Empowering high-end innovation teams

Our consultants offer specialized help for your innovation team. Get to know our tools & frameworks via the different training modules or just work together on a real-life innovation challenge.

  • How to make my innovation team more efficient?
  • Learn new tools to complement our existing flow?
  • How to structure my internal accelerator?

Sector focus? No thanks.

We don’t specialize in one specific sector. Our consultants jump between industries. Cross-fertilization is key in our domain. Imagine how business models from the Fashion industry could be adapted to a Chemical partnership model.

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