Rethinking how men shave

Defining the future of grooming alongside Philips with 1 product for 27 million people

Less shaving,
more grooming

With millennials growing into the largest consumer segment, and demand shifting away from traditional shaving, the available market offerings were no longer enough. A new generation of consumers was ready for a product to keep up with their lifestyle.

Known for market disruption, and with a mission towards meaningful innovation, Philips were looking to detach themselves from the traditional shaving approach. They created a radically new product, and Board of Innovation stepped in to help them launch OneBlade.

Philips Shaving

Shaving reshaped,
one blade at a time

A game-changing product needed a disruptive business design. Understanding a radically new consumer journey was the key that unlocked the best way for OneBlade to hit the shelves. Board of Innovation and Phillips teamed up and created a go-to-market strategy and subscription business model for OneBlade.

OneBlade became one of Philips’ most successful launches and redefined the expectations for the future of shaving. Up to this day, entire razor categories are still trying to compete with what OneBlade brings to the table.

100 million
and counting

As a product that turned into a category, OneBlade disrupted an industry and showcased the potential of unexplored opportunities in a traditional market.  

Five years after hitting the market, Philips celebrated the making of their 100 millionth blade. OneBlade did the unimaginable, increased Philip’s market share and grew their brand presence even further. With the creation of a new razor category under their sleeve, Philips showed the world why market leaders are timeless –  innovating by listening to what each era of consumers need. 

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