Improving the lives of people living with HIV

Teaming up with Johnson & Johnson to facilitate access to HIV treatments in Myanmar through a human-centered approach

Over 240.000 people struggled to get access to HIV care in Myanmar alone, where health systems required them to go through multiple touchpoints to access life-saving treatments.

For those living in remote and rural areas, the patient journey to medical care was difficult and lengthy: days-long and expensive trips to access the complete treatment. At the same time, patients were vulnerable to social stigmas when forced to openly speak about the disease.

Committed to their mission to offer world-wide solutions for HIV treatments, Johnson & Johnson prioritized the issue where it was most challenging – all eyes turned to Myanmar.

A task of this scale required collaborators from all across the world to set the mission in motion: authorities, NGOs and industry leaders started to pitch in.

Board of Innovation joined forces with Johnson & Johnson and Pepal, a renowned international NGO, to play the key role of understanding local patients’ journeys and designing human-centered solutions.

Above all,
patients are people first

To truly understand a market’s context and needs, deep patient journey knowledge was the first checkpoint towards simplifying medical access – all teams traveled to Myanmar’s most affected region to begin the work.

Empathizing with the patients and their context helped us better explore how to navigate a very complex health ecosystem. Compared to traditional approaches, we took advantage of today’s technological advances, like electronic medical records, and sped up the impact the solutions could offer.

Unlike ever before in this region, our partnership responded to the most relevant pain points of Myanmar’s key population: our journey together was more than delivering access to medical care, it was about creating social-driven solutions to improve the daily lives of people living with HIV. 

Onestop Clinic (medical access logistics solution)

All touchpoints of HIV medical treatment in a single place.

Pagoda Festival Game (HIV awreness. for the young solution)

A dedicated space in cultural events to spread awareness to the young.

Mandalay (self-sustainability solution)

Making sure community efforts can grow in an independent way.

Improving the life of HIV patients with global change-makers
Improving the life of HIV patients with global change-makers
“We recognize the current burden on people living with HIV. They have to go back and forth between the GP and the lab to give blood and get their test results – patients have to miss work and spend hours in Yangon traffic. We want to introduce a one stop shop for patients, where they can get all the services they need at the same time, in the same place.”

-Jet Riparip, Regional representative asia, international hiv/aids alliance

Creating a better tomorrow,

Our collaboration took Johnson & Johnson a step closer to their mission – improving the lives of people who struggle with HIV on a global scale.

Paying close attention to neglected regions was more than an exercise about humanity. It redefined the future of healthcare solutions – leading with empathy, and driving meaningful change through action.

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