But first: what is Business Model?

A business model helps you to clearly express how the pieces of your business come together to create a product or service that customers will buy and enable you to make a profit.

Revenue flowchart B2C

Revenue model flowchart B2C

Use our revenue model flowchart to explore different potential revenue streams and discover models you can use to monetize your ideas. Answer a number of simple questions to determine start-ups that might have a relevant business model that you can leverage to support your solution.

Revenue model flowchart B2B

The revenue model flowchart is designed to explore different potential revenue streams to support your solution. The revenue model flowchart asks you a number of simple questions to determine which start-ups might have a relevant business model that you can leverage to support your solution.
Business Model Kit

Business model kit

Invented by Board of Innovation, this tool has helped thousands of corporate inventors, students and entrepreneurs to design successful business models.
Growth metrics_mockup

Growth engines

This framework helps you map and identify the crucial actions and tactics to implement to make sure a user becomes a paying customer.

Problem sizing canvas

Use this tool to assess the size of a customer problem and determine if solving it could produce value for your business.

Ballpark figures

The ballpark figures template is a tool designed to help you make a ‘guesstimate’ of the value your solution will generate. A key element of the ballpark figures exercise is making the assumptions behind your guesstimates very explicit so that you can refine them as you learn more about the business model supporting your solution.

Market sizing

The “Market Sizing” tool lets you estimate the revenue potential of your offering. Market size is dependent on your buyer/user, the frequency they consume, the percentage of the market you can capture, and the pricing of your offering. Use this tool to calculate the market size for various user groups.

Business model canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models.

Unit economics calculator

The unit economics calculator will help you figure out whether your product or service will actually be profitable once marketing and other efforts are taken into account. Use it to work out how much it costs to produce, market, and acquire a customer per individual unit of your proposed product or service.