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Blurring lines of health & wellness

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Thursday March 2nd
6:00 PM

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Derek Wong

Derek is a Senior Product Manager at ONE Esports, a global leader in gaming and esports media. Originally from Silicon Valley, Derek is passionate about consumer trends and interactive entertainment and brings 10+ of operator experience from Microsoft, Riot Games, and LinkedIn.

Aliya Gilmore from Culture Group

Aliya Gilmore

Aliya is a Creative Strategist at Culture Group, a leading authority on culture-based marketing. Specializing in translating Gen Z trends for a wider audience, Aliya has helped iconic brands develop strategies that appeal to the behaviors of younger generations.

Vincent Pirenne

Vincent is a global partner at Board of Innovation, driving innovation and supporting leading businesses. With over 10 years of experience in healthcare and consumer strategy, he has a proven track record of success in leading partnerships for ambitious organisations.

Grace Caines

Grace is a Digital Insights Specialist for the Open Innovation Team in Nestle R&D Singapore. She leads exploratory research in above-category white spaces, specializing in translating consumer data into actionable insights for innovation. Grace is also passionate about employing new and disruptive tools and methodologies to future-proof the consumer research process.

Papri Dev

Papri Dev

Papri is a Regional Communication lead - APAC at Tinder. With expertise in creating effective communications, advocacy, and community programs for global companies with a passion for purpose and mental health, Papri provides strategic advice for businesses looking to establish a strong brand and expand globally.


Gayathri Gopal

Gayathri is a Gen Z and consumer insights specialist. As a Principal Innovation Consultant at the Board of Innovation, she leads consumer goods and healthcare projects, driving innovation and shaping the industry's future.

Our panel of experts will cover topics such as:

Our panel
of experts
will cover
topics such as:


How does the disconnect between the digital and real person play into health and wellbeing? What roles does social connection have?


Does Gen Z make a mind-body & soul: connection? Should brands create products/services with intangible value propositions like ‘happiness’?


How does Gen Z redefine longevity, what does healthy ‘aging’ mean to them? – Is this a generation polarized with regard to values, lifestyles and even attitudes toward H&W?

This is a great opportunity to learn from industry leaders
and engage
in a thought-provoking discussion about the
future of health and wellness.

– Vincent Pirenne, Partner & Global Client Director