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Definition of the
Circular Economy

More and more people are pushing for change, to build a better world for all. One of the many initiatives that is getting traction is the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the UN. Gradually these SDGs are being adopted in corporate strategies.

This report zooms in on a couple of tools and tips to help you join this initiative.

Design of ecosystems & business models are some of our core strengths. We use these to create progress related to several SDGs with our clients.

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  • Intro to the Circular Economy
    Context: why now?
    Framework: Circular Business Loops

  • Building Better Business Models
    Comparing circular businesses
    Ecosystem & Business Design

  • Define your Strategy
    Setting KPIs + examples

Our Circular Economy business services

Circular strategy development

Analyse product portfolio, identify circular white spaces and build circular growth strategies.

Circular business accelerator

Create and validate new circular products / services at an accelerated speed.

co-creation & partnerships

Explore & facilitate circular business partnerships & build sustainable ecosystems.

Value chain redesign for circularity

Analyze and optimize your value chain of existing products / assets focussed on circularity.

Board of Innovation is a global strategy and business design firm servicing Fortune 500 clients across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

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Setting KPIs to measure circular impact

A visual tool to evaluate your impact

Avoid circular innovation theatre

More research & tools

(circular) business models explained

We assume you already know what a circular economy is and want practical resources to innovate to reach a circular economy business model. Here’s everything you need to know about circular business models.

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