Fueling innovation with independence – a peek into our core values

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you. Board of Innovation has been recognized in the prestigious Fast Company Best Places to Work for Innovators award! And let us tell you, it’s not just something we’re proud of – it’s a reflection of our core values and the culture that drives us.

1. Autonomy and the power of freedom

At Board of Innovation, we don’t just preach innovation; we live it every day. One of the cornerstones of our culture is autonomy – the art of balancing freedom and responsibility. We trust our people to be the masters of their work, allowing them the independence to think big, act boldly, and drive change without being bogged down by micromanagement.

We do this because we believe that innovation flourishes in an environment that nurtures creativity, and where ideas can sprout and blossom like wildflowers. Giving our consultants the autonomy to help craft their own paths paves the way for better innovation.

2. Work from elsewhere

We’ve reimagined the traditional work setup and embraced the idea that innovation can happen anywhere. Want to work from the cozy cafes of Paris, the vibrant streets of Tokyo, or while soaking up the sun on a beach in Bali? Go ahead! We encourage our team members to seek inspiration from new environments and cultures, allowing them to work remotely for a while, for a change of scenery.

For instance, you might find Nick Bogaert in South Africa during the European winter – escaping the cold and getting fresh perspectives.

3. Fostering growth

We believe that the key to sustainable, personal growth lies in cultivating both depth and breadth of knowledge. That’s where the T-Shape method comes into play. This innovative approach to talent development has become the bedrock of our culture, empowering our team members to flourish as well-rounded innovators while excelling in their chosen areas of expertise.

Bryan Berger, Business Director for Healthcare in EMEA, is a great example of a career that has propelled within Board of Innovation:

4. Learning loops and growing through experience

One of our core values is “Make it better”. We believe in raising the bar and sharing learnings through ‘learning loops’ – a continuous cycle of listen, learn, share, feedback, repeat. We believe that the key to progress is not just the willingness to learn, but also the courage to fail fast and learn from those failures.

Learning loops foster an environment of constant improvement, where we adapt and evolve with every project. We preach iteration makes perfect – and we apply that in our own projects as well. As an example, after each project is finished, we do a detailed retrospect and share-out to the wider team to discuss learnings, embrace failures, and celebrate the wins.

5. Entrepreneurial DNA and encouraging side hustles

Another of our values is “Make it happen” and so entrepreneurship and impact runs in our veins. Many of our team members at Board of Innovation have an entrepreneurial DNA, and they’re not just consultants; they’re innovators with side hustles and passion projects of their own. We’re not just preaching the gospel of innovation; we’re living it outside the office too. 

Some examples: Aidan who runs a vertical farm Raiz Vertical Farms or Pierpaolo who owns a locally produced canned-wine business and some have embarked on their own successful ventures after being a part of our team, like Zygi Krupskis who founded Persy Booths.

Usually side hustles are hide hustles. We openly support and applaud them.

Luve Board of Innovation
Luve wines by Pierpaolo

6. Independence driven

As an independent innovation agency, we have the freedom to move swiftly, make decisions without external political influence, and chart our own course, which has become a rarity in our space. This independence is like fuel to our innovation engine, empowering us to take risks and embrace unconventional ideas fearlessly.

7. Powering innovation with cutting-edge tools

Innovation without tech is like peanut butter without jelly – it just doesn’t feel right. At Board of Innovation, we’ve built a robust tech stack, incorporating tools like Conjointly, Dovetail, Sprinklr, VideoAsk, and others in innovative ways to run our projects with more insight and speed. 

Our role in AI-led innovation keeps us at the forefront of technology exploration and experimentation. We’ve recently released a report on the Age of Creative AI, launched our own AI toolstack, and curated AI heaps of tools for innovators.

Hear Francis talk about the appetite for tool trial and development at Board of Innovation.

8. Make it personal

Our last core values is “Make it personal”. We believe in helping others, being yourself, and leaving your ego at the door. A testament to this is the fact that our #cryforhelp channel on Slack, made for the entire company to chip in on whatever problem you may have, is our most used channel. 

Join us in making what life needs next

So there you have it – a glimpse into the beating heart of Board of Innovation. Cutting through the noise and bringing new perspectives. Backing up big ideas with deep research. Transforming opportunities into prototypes. Leading with empathy and delivering on impact.

We’re immensely proud to be a finalist for the Best Places to Work for Innovators award. But rest assured, we won’t be resting on our laurels – we’re just getting started!

Join us in making what life needs next.

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