Get to know our new managing director

1. What are the biggest innovation challenges companies are facing right now?

Over the last few years, companies have faced wave after wave of uncertainty – due to the impacts of the pandemic, the resulting supply chain disruption and potentially an impending recession. This puts scrutiny on budgets and forward plans, but it doesn’t look like these factors will go away anytime soon. The past shows us that the companies that thrive in these conditions are those that balance investment with finding cost efficiencies – and that recognize that in times of uncertainty consumers are more open to innovation than ever before, as they re-evaluate their lives.

2. What do you think is required to innovate in today’s business and consumer climate?

Obviously uncertainty requires adaptability and strategies that evolve rather than being set in stone. But to attract the best talent and deliver the best innovations to market, companies need to change the way they innovate too – bringing together diverse talent, designing for inclusion and focusing on what life needs next – not one-off launches that are forgettable. This requires ruthless focus and new methods.

3. What are your personal goals?

Personally, I think large corporations are much better suited to solving the big problems of the world than startups. There is this terrible, over-populated place called ‘innovation heaven’ where corporate innovation ideas go to die, and I want to stop that from happening so often. I hope that, a decade from now, we can look back and see a golden age of innovation from big companies that is adequately funded and genuinely improves our lives.

4. Where do you get your inspiration?

I’ve always tried to bring the outside world into my work with clients – whether it’s by trying out new innovations myself, or finding diverse and contradictory perspectives. The best places I get this inspiration from are meeting new people and learning from them, and talking to my son!

5. What do you hope to see at Board of Innovation in the next five years?

As a small but growing company in a massive market like the Americas, we have so much potential to bring our perspective, ideas and data-driven experimentation to a new generation of clients. I’d love for us to work with clients to partner with them to create new products and businesses from concept to real-world impact, and create great career paths for us and our clients as we do that.

"I couldn’t be more excited to be joining Board of Innovation to lead the Americas region. We have a great team, top-notch clients and a culture of entrepreneurial growth that’s inspiring to see in action."

More about Geoff

Geoff has joined the Board of Innovation team as Managing Director, Americas. Geoff, who brings over 15 years of innovation consulting experience to the role, will lead our critical Americas region, overseeing innovation client engagements, strategy, product development, design, communications, and new business. As a key member of our global leadership team Geoff will partner closely with our other leaders around the world to drive significant growth for our global clients.

Geoff joins us from ?What If!, part of Accenture, where he was a Partner and Managing Director. Over the years Geoff has worked with clients to invent and launch new businesses across sectors – from wealth management to natural supplements, toilets and pet insurance. Prior to working in innovation, he spent time in strategy consulting and at a magazine publisher making the pivot to digital.

Geoff infuses every problem he encounters with equal amounts of optimism and skepticism – and there’s nothing he loves more than a new problem to solve. Originally from the UK, Geoff has Masters degrees from the University of Oxford and the University of London. Geoff splits his time between NYC and the North Fork of Long Island, with his wife and 9-year-old son. In his spare time you’ll find him reading, cooking, making cocktails and walking his two dogs.