AI Pioneers Community

Pioneers need peers.

AI Pioneers is a small, invite-only community of executives and leaders for the emerging Autonomous Age.

A safe space for discussing, growing, and connecting

In our conversations with leaders across every business vertical, we have heard how exciting the emergence of GenAI, Autonomous Innovation and the current disruption of the way growth is managed can be - but also, conversely, how lonely it can be when you are leading an organization through such a process of transformation. We wanted to create a safe place for the people we've met, to learn and grow in community.

AI Pioneers Community is curated by BOI but driven by all of its members. It’s limited to 50 people initially, and conducted on WhatsApp - but members are encouraged to use WhatsApp to create in person events and meetups. Our goal is to create a free, safe place for discussion, sharing insights and making/maintaining connections. This is space for learning and growth, not marketing your products or business.

This exclusive, invite-only community is a safe and serious place for leaders built for discussion, connection and sharing insights with peers around Autonomous Innovation.

Discuss challenges with leaders going through the same thing. Get fresh perspectives and insights from peers. Connect and grow in the Autonomous Age.

How to get involved

  • The community is limited to 50 members
  • BOI has personally invited a small group of ‘founders’ to start the community
  • From there, it is up to the community to build itself. New members have to be referred by at least one current member and approved by a BOI admin
  • BOI Admins will manage all applications using the form below 

Apply to become part of the AI Pioneers community

Fill out this form mentioning the current members that have referred you. If your membership has been approved, you will be added to the WhatsApp group by a BOI Admin.