Corporate venture

Building, incubating and launching new products, businesses and services – rapidly de-risking with AI-powered validation and insights.

New ventures made real. Without compromise.

We partner with businesses to go from concept to reality – chasing down risk while iteratively making new products, services and businesses real. 

Build new concepts and capitalize on changing behaviors, growing markets, and new technologies.

At lightning speed.

Board of Innovation played an important role in getting where we are today. Not only did they teach us to think and act like a startup: even more importantly, they are constantly preventing us from falling back into a corporate pace.

Koen Evers | General Manager Fleet, Vanderlande

Key challenges we tackle

To capitalize on emerging trends and moving markets, businesses need to act with agility, adaptability and foresight.

How can we define the value and business case of our idea?

It’s easy to fall in love with a new idea, but much harder to find the way to derive the most value from it.

We help to define the business value inherent in new ventures – and work closely with internal and external experts to identify the best way forward.

How can we decrease the time-to-market?

With complex groups of stakeholders and multiple sources of complexity, new ventures can all too easily get slowed down.

We work in small, iterative teams (or teams of teams) to reduce complexity and increase velocity.

How can I ensure my MVP is well scoped?

Too often, new launches are overloaded with too many features that aren’t prioritized effectively.

We work with teams to find out what is most important for the customer and the business – increasing time to market and quality through streamlined roadmaps.

Key outcomes

Successful market launches

Market launches that bring increased customer satisfaction – with engaging experiences, validated features and stress-tested business models – leading to scalable new ventures that can be ‘spun in’ to the business or ‘spun out’ as standalone ventures.

Faster time to market

Launches that take months not years – by working in agile sprints that are constantly prioritized and reprioritized, with iterative releases rather than a ‘big launch’ – in teams that learn to work in new ways to maximize speed without compromising quality.

Continuous de-risking

Continuous testing with customers based on low fidelity and high-fidelity functional prototypes – using experiments based on testing the most critical assumptions at any point in time – helping to minimize risk and prioritize investment on features that are proven to show the most customer and business value.

Our work with venture building

Check out some of the work we’ve done 

Setting up a new business and bringing it to market.

Creating two blockchain ventures with ING focused on making global commodity trade faster, safer and cost efficient.

Venture building innovation business design

Incubating the future of data-driven nutrition with a major global retailer

Partnering with a major global retailer to conceive, incubate and build a new-to-world solution that brings together retail shopping data and the healthcare ecosystem to create meaningful behavior change among consumers. 

Defining and prioritizing new areas of growth to create a clear portfolio vision.

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