Let’s face it, sustainability is a non-negotiable priority – for consumers and for businesses. Within consumer packaged goods, there has historically been a high amount of single use, non-recyclable waste, which consumers are no longer accepting.

So we’ve asked ourselves the question;

“Imagine what sustainable packaging could look like, for consumer goods”

and teamed up with AI as a co-pilot to imagine 20 sustainable packaging solutions of the future.

What is sustainable packaging? Sustainable packaging is packaging that leaves the smallest possible impact on our planet. In essence, it involves using materials that contribute to the least amount of pollution throughout their entire lifecycle – from manufacturing and production to shipping and eventual disposal or recycling.

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Using AI to reimagine sustainable packaging solutions

All the product concepts below are made with the power of AI. Our creative designers have used Midjourney to reimagine packaging solutions through a sustainable lens. With AI, we can expand our creativity, come up with out-of-the-box ideas and reshape industries – here, catalyzing the development of sustainable packaging alternatives and minimizing waste.

Bio-based air pillows
Inflatable packing cushions using bio-based materials derived from renewable resources like cornstarch, sugarcane

Water-soluble films
Mailers, envelopes and garment bags that dissolve in water, leaving behind no residue or waste.

Clothing hang tag
Tag containing seeds, allowing the user to plant the paper and grow plants

Mushroom packaging
Use mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, to create eco-friendly and compostable packaging materials such as boxes.

Self-repairing packaging
Utilize nanomaterials that can self-repair, extend the shelf life of the product, or change color to indicate spoilage, reducing food waste.

A bio degradable packaging that can be up-cycled into a plant vase.

Biodegradable single-use tableware
What if we could create better, biodegradable single-use tableware items? This is an example of a plate, but the same goes for cutlery, cups and takeaway boxes.

Biodegradable packaging for skin-care
Mushroom-paper based packaging for skincare products.

3D-printed custom fit
3D printed custom-fit packaging that reduces the need for excess materials and space while ensuring optimal protection during transit.

Bamboo packaging 
Cosmetics biodegradable packaging made with bamboo.

Modular food packing
Modular packaging made of biodegradable materials that can be easily disassembled into separate compartments, allowing for multiple uses or repurposing the components for various functions.

Edible snack wrap
What if our favorite snack bar comes with edible wrapping, and just needs a quick water rinse to be eaten?

Sustainable bottle
Sustainable bottle packaging made out of algae – okay, this one is a little out there, but it goes to show the limitless ideas AI ideation brings!

Coconut-based plastic
How about creating a plastic resembling material, out of coconut? 

Paper-based, recyclable packaging for sports drinks

One million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute. Imagine what we could spare the environment for if we adopt paper-based drink packaging, and recycle it properly! Paper-based drinks has long been in the development from big beverage companies like Carlsberg, but are seeing a slow adoption.

Compostable packaging made of seaweed
Seaweeds, nature’s hidden treasure, boast a wealth of polysaccharides – combined with biodegradable polymers, seaweed could be a great sustainable alternative to snack packaging.

Soluble tea or herb infusion ball
Regular tea bags are made of a variety of materials (plastic, paper, metal), making them hard to recycle and break down properly. A soluble infusion ball would reduce that waste.

Palm leave packaging
Frozen meal containers made of dried, compressed palm leaves, replacing plastic-heavy ready-to-eat meals packaging.

Biodegradable beer can
Craft beverage producers are increasingly ditching aluminium cans in favor of more environmentally conscious options – could this can, made of compostables be a solution?

Plant-based compostable coffee capsules
What if we could quit the aluminium coffee capsules, while keeping high quality coffee?

Using AI in your innovation process

Applying user-centric design approaches, we create products and services that meet the demands of your users, capitalizing on their motivations and tackling their barriers, transforming insights into evidence-backed products. 

Using AI to design concepts helps us push the limits of our creativity, create unique and innovative products quickly, and bring concepts to live so we can render them and gather quick consumer feedback.

We’ve imagined how 20 sustainable packaging solutions could look like, for a variety of consumer products – now it’s your turn!

Harness the power of AI to foster innovation and develop new sustainable packaging solutions that meets the dynamic needs and expectations of consumers, businesses, and the planet alike.

Unlock the power of AI in a unique sprint format. Leverage the latest AI tools to generate new ideas, get real-time feedback, and curate new concepts to move forward with.