We make corporates innovate like startups

By running intrapreneurship programs – To develop sustainable business models


Our innovation consulting services are designed for large corporates to avoid their Kodak-moment. We use a structured innovation process to guide teams of intrapreneurs from the first ideation phase to an executive pitch. When a disruptive business case gets funded, we coach venture teams to get traction into the market.

We try to avoid corporate theatre at all cost (read: writing 100 page business plans & bloated financial sheets). We go for a hands-on approach based on the philosophy behind the Lean Startup. Fail fast, learn, iterate!

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Inject startup culture

We love to pull people out of their comfort zone!

Century old industrial companies can learn a lot from fast moving startups. Our team of business designers keeps a close eye on the different startup hubs world wide. We monitor the best practices used by entrepreneurs to apply the same tools and mindset in the complexity of large corporates.

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