Tackling Business Model Challenges

Our innovation consulting services are designed for large corporates to avoid their Kodak-moment. We use a structured innovation process to guide teams of intrapreneurs from the first ideation phase to an executive pitch months later. When a disruptive business case gets funded, we coach venture teams to get traction into the market.

Lean start-up thinking for large enterprises
We try to avoid corporate theatre at all cost (read: writing 100 page business plans & bloated financial sheets). Rather we go for a hands-on approach based on the philosophy behind the Lean Startup. To minimize risks, entrepreneurs will start small to test concepts at an early stage. We will validate ideas by talking to the market, instead of doing 18 months of desk research. Fail fast, learn, iterate!

Analogy thinking: Inspiration from other industries
We don’t just facilitate the process. Our innovation consultants will explore opportunities by analyzing the business models and the ecosystem of similar markets. E.g.: What could Telecom learn from the Gaming industry? Analogy thinking is a perfect tool to trigger out of the box thinking!

Ivo Maassen

“Board of Innovation managed to change our mindset from a traditional corporate to a much more entrepreneurial mindset.”

Ivo Maassen, Marketing Director, Sappi

Caroline Hillegeer

“Fantastic experience in a structured and creative approach to free up minds towards new biz models.”

Caroline Hillegeer, Sr VP Strategy, GDF SUEZ

Some of the clients we worked with
homeclientsOur clients are challenged by new entrants and shifts in their ecosystem. Together we scout for new business opportunities. Client Case Stories
A great start to develop an intrapreneurship program!
A fast-paced condensed format to developed innovative ideas by coaching a selection of talented in-house innovators.
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Business Model Design Kit

Business Model Design Kit
Excel isn’t the most inspiring tool to explore new business models. We created an innovation methodology to visualize the value exchange within ecosystem. You can download this brainstorm tool for free or order the kit with magnetic icons to structure your next strategic workshop.
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