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Autonomous Innovation

How will GenAI lead to a fundamentally new way of imagining, creating and launching new products? Introducing Autonomous Innovation, the new paradigm post-Design Thinking. 

The emergence of Creative AI marks a
historic development in innovation
Autonomous innovation creative ai
Autonomous Innovation will help us overcome current constraints
Constrained by disconnected data
Constrained by brain power
Constrained by time and money
Building towards a new
innovation engine
Autonomous innovation creative ai
Evolving towards
autonomous innovation
Autonomous innovation creative ai
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Autonomous Innovation is AI-powered imagination, creation and launching of new products

It will help us overcome current constraints: constrained by disconnected data, constrained by brain power, constrained by time and money.

We are building towards a new innovation engine. And evolving towards autonomous innovation.

What to expect from
this webinar

As AI is already becoming an integral part of our innovation work here and now, a bigger question arises: how will GenAI lead to a fundamentally new way of imagining, creating and launching new products all-together? Join us as we share our answer to that question: Autonomous Innovation, the new paradigm post-Design Thinking. 

In the webinar we will sketch out what that future might look like, discuss how it will fundamentally differ to how we innovate today, and introduce a maturity model to guide us on the journey ahead. We will talk about how businesses can build an always-on innovation engine that imagines, creates, and launches new products and services with unprecedented quality and speed.

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What we’ll cover:

  • Envisioning an Autonomous Innovation future
  • Unpacking the Autonomous Innovation Maturity Model
  • Early examples and proof points
  • Building your next-gen innovation engine

Building a new,
innovation engine

Imagine a future where innovation isn’t just constant—it’s autonomous. We help you envision what the emergence of Autonomous Innovation means for your company, from imagination to commercialization. We design your strategy for innovating with AI, and how you can use it to develop a competitive advantage. 

Autonomous Innovation Loop
AI-powered innovation engine (Board of Innovation, 2023)

Your hosts

CEO, Board of Innovation

Phil has founded Board of Innovation and is currently its Global CEO. He has a true passion for strategy. Whether that’s Fortune 500 growth strategy, brand portfolio expansion, stock investing, or a late evening board game – he’s always looking for the right strategic play.

Phil has an obsession with making sure innovation delivers on impact, and has launched several ventures including Cardrops (ecommerce delivery in the trunk of your car), Open Innovators (a global crowdsourcing platform) and Idealabs (a startup incubator).

He holds an MBA, and a MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Phil regularly authors, delivers keynote speeches and masterclasses at universities and business schools – and his thinking on the Low Touch Economy and Creative AI was featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg Business, and the Straits Times.

Managing Director Americas, Board of Innovation

Geoff leads the Americas region at Board of Innovation. He brings equal amounts of optimism and skepticism to every problem he encounters – and there’s nothing he loves more than a new problem to solve.

He joined Board of Innovation with 15 years of experience in innovation consulting. Over the years he has worked with clients to invent and launch new businesses across sectors – from wealth management to natural supplements, toilets and pet insurance. Prior to working in innovation, he spent time in strategy consulting and at a magazine publisher making the pivot to digital.

Originally from the UK, Geoff has Masters degrees from the University of Oxford and the University of London. In his spare time you’ll find him reading, cooking, making cocktails and walking his two dogs.

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