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Combine the power of human + machine intellect to look broader, dive deeper, and accelerate product innovation. Learn along the way to supercharge your organization, people and processes with creative AI in this 3 month AI-powered innovation project.

8+ hyper-validated concepts in just
3 months

Experience the full potential of AI-powered innovation through a ‘demonstration project’ that brings together the best of humans and AI.

Understand future forces. Generate and prioritize hundreds of ideas. Get to hyper-validated concepts and a practical understanding of AI-powered innovation and how it can benefit your business.

Refine, curate and prioritize each concept through rigorous AI, qualitative and quantitative testing, building a solid business case that fuels confidence before launching a product. 

AI powered innovation project

Groundbreaking agility and creativity. What a team, what a way to use AI.

Marcello Formisano | Head of Insights at Tata Consumer products

Key benefits from running an AI-powered innovation project

Increase your investment confidence

By leveraging creative AI, businesses can unlock invaluable insights, make data-driven decisions, and minimize risks with greater precision.

The ability to analyze vast amounts of information, rapidly and accurately, empowers leaders to spot promising opportunities, optimize resources, and sharpen your competitive edge.

With better investment confidence, businesses can confidently steer their innovation efforts, foster growth and achieve better results.

Speed, depth
and breadth

Harness AI-powered tools to accelerate innovation, analyze data swiftly, and gain valuable insights. Stay ahead of market trends, seize opportunities, and make agile decisions. Free up time for your innovators to explore additional opportunities, championing inclusivity and diversity within their initiatives. 

The combined efforts of human intelligence and AI enhances the capacity for in-depth analysis, uncovering hidden patterns and unlocking novel solutions to complex problems. The breadth of AI’s capabilities allows for comprehensive exploration of possibilities, exploring multiple avenues simultaneously and broadening the scope of innovation. 


With creative AI, you’re upping the game with rapid, effective validation cycles. This creates a virtuous cycle of “generate, validate, curate” which expedites learnings and generates deeper insights through continuous improvement of ideas, concepts, and prototypes.

This AI-driven iterative validation enables you to achieve better success with your innovations and create standout products and services that truly resonate with your consumers, meet market dynamics, and lower the risk of launching undifferentiated solutions.

The approach

Experience what human + machine means. Have your team experience the use of creative AI first hand, through a highly structured on site / hybrid program, facilitated by Board of Innovation coaches & supercharged with our latest curated list of tools. 

This 3 month AI-powered innovation project lets you scale AI within your organization, creative a sustainable competitive edge.



Establish a foundation in AI that will supercharge strategy, growth and development in your organization.

Aligned perspectives of the potential of creative AI for your organization.

Defined tech stack that is aligned with legal teams.

Clear project vision and desired outcomes.

Let us help you bring AI to your organization by helping you navigate, build a business case, and establish infrastructure.


Week 1-4

Combine AI with human insight to unveil an extensive catalog of multidimensional, consumer-focused challenges in today’s market and those of tomorrow.

Exponential market research, generating 100s of trends, future scenarios and market movements and then synthesizing them based on future relevance and growth.

Expansive consumer research driven by old school human interaction and AI-powered social listening and predictive testing.

Multi-dimensional problem identification and clustering by considering all contributing tensions.

12+ hard-hitting, data-driven problem statements.

100+ sacrificial concepts, prioritized to 12+ solution hypothesis.

In-depth market assessment based on 30+ trends, 4+ future scenarios and competitive analysis, consumer interviews and social listening.

Let us help you grasp today’s dynamic market, identify opportunities to win and grow, understand your consumers, and uncover their unmet needs and behaviors.

Problem prioritization

Week 5-6

Identify the biggest and most inclusive problems worth solving and build personalized AI models to validate them.

Size problems through quantitative analysis.

Uncover “problem personas” – specific consumer mindsets and behaviors tied to a problem, enabling you to target the exact human behavior that leads to the problem.

Development of AI models to validate and refine problems, problem personas and hypothesized solutions.

6+ Prioritized and validated problem statements.

6+ Data-driven personas tailored to each problem statement.

60+ Hypothetical concepts to address the problem statements.

Let us help you and your leadership gain investment confidence in opportunities and precisely identify and size your target audience for these opportunities.

& validation

Week 7-10

Generate 100s of ideas and 2D renderings – refine, stretch and prioritize through iterative AI, qualitative and quantitative experimentation.

Exponential ideation workshop, generating 100s of concepts, and predictive testing to prioritize the most impactful and relevant ones.

Predictive validation loops utilizing AI and primary data to exponentially increase experimentation rounds.

Inclusivity mapping to identify unintended exclusions in concepts and iteratively capture perspectives of under-represented consumers through predictive testing.

20+ Prioritized and validated concepts with 2D renderings.

20+ Concept personas.

Qualitative and quantitative insights and findings.

Backlog of hundreds of initial concepts.

Let us help you explore, analyze and prioritize all possible solutions and combination of solutions swiftly and thoroughly, ensuring competitive differentiation and consumer-centricity.

Refinement & roadmap

Week 11-12

Prioritize hyper-validated concepts and develop a solid business case that  provides strategic recommendations and roadmap to launch.

Concept design and optimization for inclusion, future scenario relevance, feasibility and differentiation.

Workshop to identify the highest priority assumptions across desirability, feasibility and viability and to help plan for incubation and commercialization.

Workshop to define AI implementation strategies and roadmap to scale.

Strategic recommendation supported by 8+ prioritized concepts and 2D renderings.

High level business case and roadmap for further investment.

Playbook on AI-powered innovation personalized to your business.

Let us help you secure buy-in and investment for solutions by bringing them to life through visual renderings, compelling storytelling, developing a business case, and creating an actionable roadmap for successful launch.

Let us help you scale AI within your organization, fostering a sustainable competitive edge.

The tools

Here are some (but not all) of the tools we could
deploy in this AI-powered innovation project

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