Synthetic insights
and validation

Get real-time insights from AI-modeled customers, and test concepts in hours, not weeks. Get instant feedback on your ideation output, so your team can double down on those ideas that show early traction.

Synthetic testing and living audiences
About the service

Fast-track your customer discovery.

This way of working has not only proven to increase the average idea quality, but will also help you to try more, move faster and increase your product hit rate dramatically.

Synthetic user insights derive from large language models and AI-generated representations that mimic human behavior and response. 

We use synthetic user insights to validate and increase the quality of your ideas. We try more, move faster, and increase your product hit rate dramatically.

Take decisions with confidence, with validated insights in hours – not weeks.

“Groundbreaking agility and creativity. What a team, what a way to use AI”

Marcello Formisano | Head of Insights at Tata Consumer products

Key challenges we tackle

How can we 10x the speed of insight collection?

By leveraging synthetic insights and data simulating real user response, your insights will become faster and more responsive to evolutions in the market, while your validation follows the pace of your ever-changing consumer.

Time efficiencies can be expected to amount to 10X, or more.

How can I gain fast feedback from my target customers?

Engage with interactive panels of your own target customers. Fine-tuned large language models serve as effective proxies for specific human sub-populations. Assume nothing and deploy new concepts faster than ever with proven accuracy levels.

How can I drive better concept ideas in a short time?

“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas” has been a long-standing premise. Yet, until recently, teams often had to make compromises on idea generation due to limited capacity or time.

Exponential insights and validation now take this problem out of the equation.


Benefits of synthetic validation

This way of working has not only proven to increase the average idea quality, but will also help you to try more, move faster and increase your product hit rate dramatically.

Concept design on steroids

With AI as a co-pilot, we will help you  accelerate concept creation by quickly generating ideas and expanding on existing concepts.

We will provide insights into potential opportunities and increase efficiency in the innovation process.

By leveraging AI, you can quickly generate more creative and innovative solutions, making the innovation process faster and more efficient.

Simulated validation of concepts

You’ll get a simulated overview of how your future customers will receive your next product or service.

Apart from the questions if and whether to launch, synthetic insights and validation will also tell you why you should or should not launch to market. Although it doesn’t fully replace real-world testing, this simulation can serve as a jumpstart in your decision-making process.

We leverage both qual (deep and rich insights) and quant (robust and representative) methodologies.

Instant access to your own synthetic customers

Engage with your own interactive panels in unprecedented new ways. From testing all of your concepts in simulated A/B tests, to running TURF tests and Conjoint analysis with select sub-populations.

Studies have found that synthetic responses are of realistic magnitudes and match estimates from human consumers.

Synthetic insights and validation will save you time and money to focus on the actual deployment of new products and services.

What we do

Our work in AI

Incubating the future of data-driven nutrition with a major global retailer

Partnering with a major global retailer to conceive, incubate and build a new-to-world solution that brings together retail shopping data and the healthcare ecosystem to create meaningful behavior change among consumers.

Running an AI-powered Sprint with Tata Consumer Products to fuel food and beverage innovation.

AI-powered insurance service

Developing an improved customer experience by leveraging GenAI.

Working with Novartis to curate genAI tools allowing HCPs to personalize care and save time by expanding capabilities.

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