Board of Innovation is building a team with superpowers. How are we doing it? By hiring top talent and creating a unique work environment.

consultancy - Antwerp OFFICE, belgium

Senior business designer.

You support corporate innovation teams in their quests for new business opportunities. Working in a structured and agile way, you guide them through different phases of developing innovative products and services.

Consultancy - Antwerp OFFICE, belgium

Business model innovation expert.

Do you sometimes catch yourself having a hard time falling asleep at night because you absolutely must understand how a particular startup structures their operations? Are you sometimes baffled by the fact that you can’t go to a bar without trying to calculate their revenues? Were you the one who read about how WhatsApp Business structured their pricing to incentivize businesses to reply to their customers within 24 hours & simply had to tell all your colleagues about it?

Marketing team - Antwerp OFFICE, belgium


Create fresh and novel innovation-related content to share with the world. Together with the consultants and marketing team, you explore innovation topics and trends, dive into the core of our international projects, seek captivating stories about work and life at Board of Innovation, and turn all of that into BOI-branded eye-catching copy.

Culture is key!

We have strong values. Not only do they reflect our approach in working with clients, but also describe the way we organize ourselves internally: a network of self-steering teams without managers, adopting a mindset of experimentation and stimulating transparency and open feedback. Thrive in our fast-paced environment and unique workplace culture!


We occasionally work with freelancers on projects. If you would be interested, please connect here. Join our team on a part-time basis!