Team & Culture

Our shared set of behaviours that we seem to have, value in each other, and strive for.
Check for yourself to see how you would fit with the values that define our culture .

Be responsible, enjoy freedom.
We value a strong sense of responsibility & integrity. We enjoy personal freedom to work towards ambitious results.

Entrepreneurial attitude.
We have an entrepreneurial spirit in co-building our company. With a positive attitude, we come up with solutions rather than complaining.

We help each other to be amazing
Our goal is to be amazing in everything we do. We help others in the team to shine, and we appreciate support from others.

We love future thinking.
We love to explore what is ahead of us. We are not afraid of radically new solutions.

Have fun in what we do!
We take pride in what we do. Motivated by passion and purpose. We have an informal culture and love a good sense of – sometimes absurd – humour.

Share and be open-minded
We love to share our ideas, learnings, and feedback within our team and beyond. We are curious and are open to change our own point of view.

Focus on Self-development
We tend to be self-critical and define our path for improvement. The entire team helps each other to reach personal goals. Failure is seen as great source for personal development. Ego is not.

Be creative, by experimenting
We aim to approach things in a creative way. This implies continuous experimentation, trying out new things and getting out of our comfort zone.

Behind the scenes