Board of Innovation is committed to create a team with superpowers. How we do it? By hiring top talent, and creating an ideal work environment.

Innovation consultant

Business designer.

You support corporate innovation teams in their quest for new business opportunities. Working in a structured and agile way, you guide them through different phases of innovative product or service developments. Business Designers have more affinity with methods linked to (startup) business analysis. Their toolset typically connects to Lean Startup & MVP development.

Innovation consultant

Design strategist.

You support corporate innovation teams in their transformation to a more customer-centric culture. The Design Strategists, are more oriented towards Design Thinking methods. You are radically inspired by people and you show great empathy for the user. Designing and facilitating different types of innovation programs is what gets you excited.

Innovation consultant

Junior consultant.

Together with our senior consultants, you co-design and co-facilitate workshops with corporate innovation teams in their quest for new business opportunities or their transformation to a more customer-centric culture.

business development

Executive strategy consultant.

We are currently looking for someone to develop meaningful relationships and innovation strategies with C-level executives, while growing Board of Innovation as a whole.


In-house journalist.

You hunt and seek captivating stories about life at Board of Innovation related to our internal culture & values, international projects and innovation expertise.


Inbound & performance marketeer.

You are responsible for distributing meaningful content to inspire and create impact in the lives of 100 million people. 


Junior outbound marketeer.

You are responsible for growing leads by applying new growth hacking techniques supported by the marketing & sales team.

Be part of a leading innovation consultancy, where you can:

  • Work in an international team of highly talented people
  • Take full ownership of ideas and bring them into reality
  • Eat healthy breakfasts and lunch every day
  • Enjoy funky Fridays and unlimited coffee
  • Have a personal self-development budget
  • Work at standing desks while listening to your free Spotify account
  • Walk around barefoot on our amazing soft carpet floor
  • Have the freedom to develop yourself in a specific direction and so much more!

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We occasionally work with freelancers for projects, if you would be interested, please connect here. Join our forces as a freelancer!


Join a team of ambitious, supportive, entrepreneurial souls.

Culture is very important at Board of Innovation. Our 7 commandments guide us through our everyday life. If these values resonate with you, don’t hesitate to apply for one of our open positions.


Be entrepreneurial

Enjoy the thrill of working at startup speed.

We address every problem with a can-do attitude, and with a passion for taking responsibility towards positive change.

Raise the bar

We challenge ourselves 
& others to do better.

We keep each others sharp to deliver high-quality results, and seek non-obvious solutions.


Help others

We genuinely help others to shine, to be amazing.

The one thing better than being proud of our achievements? Being proud of our colleagues’ ones.


Trust over control

Be responsible, enjoy freedom.

We are a self-steering organization. Everyone in the team is free to take complete responsibility on her/his own work. Goodbye micro-management.


Be open-minded

We embrace new ideas, people, 
other perspectives.

Leave home that corporate mask. In Board of Innovation you can bring your whole self: your national dishes, your favorite clothes, your children, and, in reasonable doses, your dark humour (ask Claire).

No bullsh*t

We are straightforward, simply cut the crap.

We say no to fashionable 200-page PDF reports that no one will read, no to storytellers with little substance, no to over-glorifying sales meetings. We strive for what really matters.


Learn every day

Be curious, learn by 
doing & experimenting.

The motto “is it worth trying?” gives us motivation to explore new paths and possibilities in a controlled and rational way.