The Comprehensive Guide to

Impact Partnerships

A guide to how businesses and nonprofits can join forces to accelerate positive change through impact partnerships. Download this guide and access tools, tips, and examples, to help you get the best out of cross-sector collaborations. 

Designing impact partnerships that drive positive change

We mapped several impact partnerships that drive change and created a guide and toolkit to get you started.

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Business-nonprofit partnerships are a promising way to address global challenges. These collaborations help businesses to realize their social responsibility ambitions while enabling nonprofits to execute their programs and accomplish their mission. 

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In the Impact Partnerships Guide

  • Why should we act now, and how can partnerships help?
  • The Collaborative Value Creation framework
  • 4 detailed case studies from global corporates and NGOs
  • What’s holding back business-nonprofit collaborations?
  • A toolkit to design partnerships for social impact

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We gathered all the tools you need to start mapping out your partnership potential.

Partnership value mapping

We mapped a business-nonprofit partnership to help you understand how it could work and where value is created.

How we can help

Partnership design & co-creation

Enable & facilitate the creation of business-nonprofit shared value partnerships.

Impact strategy

Bring sustainable development goals into corporate innovation strategy, frameworks and processes.

AXA customer journey mapping

Impact accelerators

Validate your new business ideas and develop sustainable business models at start-up speed.

Value chain redesign

Analyze and optimize your value chain of existing products / services focused on circularity.

Board of Innovation is a global strategy and business design firm servicing nonprofits and Fortune 500 clients across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

We can help guide you to design impact partnerships that drive positive change.

Partnering to create social impact

In collaboration with Roche Pharmaceuticals, Board of Innovation has launched Movement Health 2030 – a partnership aiming to transform global healthcare systems through local partnerships. 

Movement Health 2030 aims to identify synergies across sectors and existing initiatives bringing private and public sector to collaborate, healthcare system and innovation ecosystem to find solutions together. The Movement orchestrates the interaction and co-creation between stakeholders redefining the way healthcare is planned, financed, delivered, measured and accounted for. The Movement unlocks new value by bringing new key players, resources, technologies and building new interactions.

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Shervin Fekri

Social Impact Lead

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An actionable innovation strategy for SOS Children’s Villages

We enabled the NGO to co-develop an innovation framework, re-map ongoing projects, and align innovation efforts internationally.

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Board of Innovation's social initiative team travelled to Rwanda to help microinsurance companies come up with a human-centered solution for those who don't qualify for traditional insurance plans.