Leverage the collective knowledge, power, and experience of a diverse group of partners to accelerate innovation, reduce risk, and drive growth with open innovation.

Drive growth through

We design Open Innovation programs to facilitate innovation and collaboration between different players in your ecosystem to solve problems, share knowledge, and bring new products and services to market.

Define, source, vet, secure and pilot the partners you need to thrive. In just 6 to 12 months, we move from defining a joint market opportunity to an investment-ready partnership.

It’s about working together to define problems, shape solutions, and bring new products and services to market. 

Derisk open innovation by strategically defining and piloting it.

Key challenges we tackle

By partnering with external organizations, including start-ups, scale-ups, multinationals, and even competitors, companies can tap into a vast network of resources and expertise to fill strategic innovation gaps and gain a competitive edge.

How can we accelerate our creative process by looking outside?

To accelerate growth and overcome limitations in areas such as IT, product development, and digital technologies, organizations should explore external expertise and strategic partnerships.

By tapping into the knowledge and resources of external partners, organizations can achieve their goals more effectively, expand their reach, and create new opportunities for growth. Identifying partners who have complementary strengths and share similar values and goals is essential to unlock new potential and achieve success.

How can we build a robust Open Innovation practice?

How do we reach out and gain access to a large network of potential partners? What structures should we pursue (joint venture, acquisition, commercial agreement…)? How do we efficiently size and vet potential partners for maturity and culture fit, without doing a full due diligence? How do we set up a fair and effective pilot agreement? How do we work together with prospective partners to set up a fair and effective pilot agreement, and go-to-market strategy?

We help you tackle the core consideration and set up an Open Innovation program, fit to your goals.

How can we test out partnerships before making major investment decisions?

Open innovation not only provides a list of potential partners, but it also validates whether the partnership will work.

It is an experimental way of de-risking a $100M investment, by answering questions such as “Will we be successful as a partnership? How can I establish appropriate measures to protect both parties if this venture does not work out? What kind of metrics, such as consumer attraction or cost savings, can I put in place to objectively determine an exit strategy if the partnership fails?”

Key outcomes

A scalable open innovation approach and RFP

RFP document with all the necessary elements of the problem to help you understand it and put forward a proposal that can attract the right partners.

Contextual background, key success criteria for evaluating partners, a list of required capabilities or technologies to solve the problem, and the preferred collaboration type.

The Open Innovation Playbook, which includes mindsets, approaches, and processes, as well as downloadable tools, is available on a microsite, created for you.

Vetted solution partners

As a result of our scouting process for solution partners, we identify and select partners with the appropriate level of product maturity, team experience, and technical complexity for our defined problem spaces.

This ensures that we are able to accelerate the growth of our innovation and achieve the desired impact with timelines.

Completed pilots with clear next steps

Both qualitative and quantitative results, as well as a scaling plan covering the key aspects of scaling such as platform development, go-to-market strategy, and team building, providing valuable insights for successful implementation of the innovation.

Our work with Open Innovation

Check out some of the work we’ve done 

Working with Roche to establish and drive Movement Health; an Open Innovation program to build sustainable and integrated healthcare ecosystems around the world, based on local partnerships.

Open Innovation venture program

Establishing a venture client unit to drive growth

Working with SHV to set up, run and scale an open innovation program with tangible impact.

Developing a solution for the entire ecosystem

Working with the Port of Rotterdam to develop a scalable Open Innovation approach and validate a problem based on the need of several parties in the ecosystem.

Enabling Open Innovation in agriculture with SEA’s leading Agri- and food tech startups

Together with Grow by AgFunder, we co-developed a coaching framework to accelerate 8+ startups, from RaaS (robotics-as-a-service) to franchise models, towards their Series A/B investment. 

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