Business design playbook

The complete guide to develop, test, and grow new business ideas in as little as a few months, with all the tools you'll need to do it.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for anyone who wants to see an idea come to life in a short period of time and needs the tools to make it happen. It is designed for everyone and anyone to use — from creative change makers who want to bring new products or services to market, to innovation managers steering a project at their organization.

It is packed with over 20 tools to take an idea through all the stages of development to make it as ready as it can be before launching.

We want to leverage the strengths of large organizations, and help them to build the new businesses that will shape our future. An accelerator could be the starting point for one of those businesses. You could be the driving force behind it.

In this playbook.

Key activities
Scope the innovation challenge and gather the right team to tackle the challenge

Team canvas, Scoping canvas

Scoped challenges and teams ready for kick-off

Key activities
Empathize with end users, define unmet needs, check market opportunity, develop an innovation thesis and design & run problem validation experiment

Persona, User journey map, Problem sizing canvas, Problem validation script, HMW statement builder

Persona & user journey, market opportunity, innovation thesis and validated learnings

Key activities
Ideate around relevant triggers and challenges, develop multiple concepts, prototype selected solutions and design & run solution validation experiments

5+ ideation tools, Innovation battlefield, Vision card

100+ ideas, multiple concepts, low-fidelity prototypes and validated learnings

Key activities
Identify potential business models, explore additional revenue streams, calculate ballpark revenue figures and design & run business model validation experiments

Business model kit, Revenue model flowchart, Ballpark figures canvas

Visual business model, ballpark revenue figures and validated learnings

Key activities
Develop a clear and concise story, design a visual presentation and pitch in front of senior stakeholders and decision makers

Pitching canvas, Great pitching checklist, Pitch evaluation sheet

Concise pitch deck, senior buy-in and clarity on next steps

Business design playbook

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