7 top-notch books on innovation


On Amazon, there are over 70.000 books on ‘Innovation’. That would take a normal human being 2.397 years to read at a pace of 20 pages a day. To find your way through this overload of information we collected some golden nuggets for you. The result is a list of 7 top-notch books on innovation.

1. The innovator's dilemma - Clayton M. Christensen

This might be one of the most profound and useful business books ever written about innovation. The book explains the difference between sustainable & disruptive innovation as a new view of practicing innovation.

Small note: this one was on Steve Jobs’ list of favorite books.

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2. Making ideas happen: overcoming the obstacles between vision and reality - Scott belsky

Ideas are cheap, execution is what matters. For many, this last part is the hardest. This book gives some great tips & tricks on how to crunch the execution part of starting and running a business.

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3. Reinventing organizations - Frederic Laloux & Ken wilber

After reading this one, your perspective on how to look at change management as a whole will be changed. It also helps you to look at how innovation can be applied to different types of organizations. A must-read for innovation professionals, forward-thinking C-level people, consultants & organizational changemakers!

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4. Running lean - Ash maurya

Reading this book led multiple people to quit their job. The book provides a fresh strategy on achieving product/market fit based on the ‘lean startup‘ and ‘the business model generation‘. If you want to get a first glimpse on this strategy before buying the book you might want to take a look at the author’s video content on youtube of this ‘ask me anything’ interview.

PS: If you are lacking entrepreneurial skills in your company, you can hire one of our lean entrepreneurs.

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5. Made to Stick, why some ideas survive and others die - Chip Heath & Dan Heath 

This book is about how to communicate your ideas. It summarizes the 5 traits that make your idea psychologically sticky. By communicating your ideas in such a way, their impact will be much more powerful. It is well researched, easy to read and hard to forget.

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6. Innovation & entrepreneurship - Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker, seen as the top management thinker of his time has had a huge impact on the way we see management today. In relation to most books on innovation & entrepreneurship, this book gives you some great (almost philosophical) insights on the daily practice of innovation & entrepreneurship in small and large organizations. Backed with case studies, tips & tricks this book is worth reading and re-reading.

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7. This is service design thinking - Marc Stickdorn & Jakob Schneider

A set of 23 international authors and online contributors invested their knowledge, experience, and passion to co-create this book. If you want to improve your customer experience be sure to read this one!

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I’m Nick De Mey, founder Board of Innovation and foresight analyst at Venturesight – foresight-backed venture design. Let’s talk!

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