Winning in Innovation
with AI
- leadership session

A 1-hour leadership workshop where we work with you and your team to explore the potential of innovation powered by AI, and develop an initial blueprint for what your strategy and future innovation engine could look like.

How to leverage
AI for innovation

Building towards an Autonomous Innovation engine as your new competitive advantage.

In this 1-hour session, we’ll work with your leadership team to discuss:

  • The current state of AI-powered innovation
  • The future potential for Autonomous Innovation
  • The journey towards building an autonomous innovation engine
  • How and where to get started
autonomous innovation maturity model 2
AI maturity model by Board of Innovation

Key benefits of building towards Autonomous Innovation

The future of innovation for your company

Gain an inspiring view on how you can improve the speed, depth and success rate with AI-powered innovation at your company. Gain clarity on your strategy, and the roadmap towards it.

Innovation as a new competitive advantage

Identify how you can use your internal data and unique capabilities to develop custom data-driven use cases, and build toward a more autonomous innovation engine  that creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

Exponential increase in novel ideas and testing

Leverage AI to go beyond human imagination and generate an exponential amount of novel ideas based on the breadth of human knowledge and proprietary data sets. De-risk innovations through rapid (synthetic) simulation and validation before investing.

The journey to
Autonomous Innovation

Getting revved up

Set your vision and create some early wins.

To get started on the journey, we work with leaders to define the vision, set the context for their company and identify some ‘demonstration projects’ where we can start to put AI-powered innovation into place.

Picking up speed

Develop capabilities and begin to adopt at scale.

After initial demonstration projects are showing success, we work with companies to scale them and begin to incubate new products and services – while in parallel setting in place the capabilities, infrastructure and skills you will need to succeed.

Cruise control

Achieve scale and establish self-sustaining capabilities.

After establishing Autonomous Innovation in one or more areas and developing capabilities at scale, it’s time to scale up across the enterprise and establish self-sustaining capabilities – leading to more effective innovations continuously developed and scaled with greater success.

Blueprinting your engine
leadership workshop.

In this leadership session, we will work with you and your team to explore the potential of innovation powered by AI, and develop an initial blueprint for what your engine could look like.

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